Just Released: Water Recommendations to the Next President

September 14, 2020, Oakland, California – The Pacific Institute just released a set of top recommendations for federal water priorities for the next president of the United States. Calling for the president to take swift and meaningful action on a number of outstanding issues, from lack of access to safe water for tens of millions of Americans to climate change’s impacts on the nation’s water systems, Water Recommendations to the Next President includes a set of specific federal strategies and actions.

“The United States faces several severe and worsening water problems, despite being the wealthiest nation in the world. These problems must be addressed, or this and future generations will face impoverishment, social disruption, and health problems,” says lead author Dr. Peter Gleick. “Solving these issues will save money in the long run – creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, improving public health, and speeding up the nation’s economic recovery.”

Every human being needs safe and affordable water and sanitation, but in the U.S., tens of millions of people still lack it. As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has so starkly revealed, poor water infrastructure and the failure to provide universal access to water services threaten public health. Meanwhile, water shortages, poor management, antiquated water systems, and the growing risks of climate change threaten the nation’s food supply, ecosystems, and economy. And internationally, conflicts over water around the globe threaten U.S. national security.

Smart water policies can address all these challenges. As the nation strives to recover from the devastating pandemic and economic downturn, the next Administration will have an opportunity and an urgent need to rebuild our public water system, create hundreds of thousands of jobs, support our agricultural communities, strengthen our diplomatic standing and national security, and improve our health and quality of life.

These Water Recommendations to the Next President have been delivered to staff at each of the presidential campaigns.

Learn more and read the full Issue Brief here.