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Selected Videos featuring Pacific Institute Staff – News and Presentations

Jason Morrison Pacific Institute’s president at the first Global Water Stewardship Forum Pacific Standard: The Fresh Water Crisis Peter Gleick and others at event in Santa Barbara, California
ClimateOne: Is California Still in the Midst of a Drought Short clip of Peter Gleick speaking at event in San Francisco, California The Salton Sea Is Shrinking And Exposing Toxic Dust Michael Cohen featured in Al Jazeera short documentary
Rain Brings Hope After Years of California Drought Peter Gleick in short Associated Press interview Pumped Dry: Dry Wells, Sinking Ground in California Peter Gleick (featured at 4:21) in short ABC News documentary
Not a Drop to Drink Peter Gleick and Craig Miller with the World Affairs Council in San Francisco Peter Gleick Gives Keynote at The New York Times Food for Tomorrow Conference
Peter Gleick – Climate Change and the Water Cycle Peter Gleick at Sustainability @Scale 2015 at Facebook HQ
Peter Gleick on the History of Water Conflicts from Climate One, a project of the Commonwealth Club Report Links Climate Change to Syria Conflict from MSNBC’s NOW with Alex Wagner, featuring Peter Gleick
Peter Gleick speaks at Weather and Climate Summit in Breckenridge, CO Why the US/China Deal Is Real– featuring Peter Gleick
Career Spotlight: Water Program Director, highlights Heather Cooley’s career as part of an educational climate ebook series Peter Gleick Speaks on a Panel at The New York Times Food for Tomorrow Conference on Sustaining the Global Food Economy
Peter Gleick Speaks on Panel– hosted by The Hamilton Project and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment Heather Cooley Speaks on the Pros and Cons of Desalination at a Sacramento “Brown
Bag” Event
Download her presentation here.

The Past, Present and Future of the World’s Water, featuring Peter Gleick at the University of Waterloo

Peter Gleick Speaks on Western Water– hosted by Ceres


jason_morrison_GA cal-academy-drought-video
Jason Morrison speaks on Water Cooperation at UN General Assembly start at 41:42 Water Use: Drought and Beyond from California Academy of Sciences, featuring Peter Gleick and Heather Cooley
Imbalance in the Colorado River Basin – Michael Cohen, Adapting to a Water-Stressed West Forum Peter Gleick: Why a Focus on Supply Cannot Solve Our Water Problem from UC Berkeley
Peter Gleick: Solutions in a World of Peak Water Limits from Chicago Ideas Week Peter Gleick: Climate Change is Happening” from the National Center for Science Education

Peter Gleick Talks About The World’s Water Vol. 7


Desalination with a Grain of Salt: Heather Cooley at  the California Colloquium on Water


21st Century U.S. Water Policy The Story of Bottled Water

Heather Cooley: Energy and Water Choke Points the US and China Face


GreenBiz Studio: Peter Gleick




Select Interviews and Podcasts

“As Rains Soak California, Farmers Test How To Store Water Underground”, NPR, featuring Peter Gleick, 01.12.2017

“Low-Income Communities Hit Hardest By Drought, Says Report”, KVPR, featuring Peter Gleick, 01.12.2017

“With 6th Year of Drought Ahead, California is Slipping on Conservation”, KQED, featuring Peter Gleick, 12.1.2016

“Desalination: Why Tapping Seawater Has Slowed to a Trickle in California”, KQED, featuring Heather Cooley, 10.31.2016

“A Sea Worth its Salt”, 99% Invisible, 8.9.2016

“Bay Area’s Low Income Communities Hard Hit by Drought”, KPFA, featuring Heather Cooley, 7.15.2016

“Is California Entering a Megadrought?”, Climate One, featuring Peter Gleick, 7.13.2016

“Iowa’s Drinking Water: Could Flint Happen Here?”, Iowa Public Radio, featuring Peter Gleick, 6.17.2016

“Climate Cast: Water Shortages Around the World”, MPR News, featuring Peter Gleick, 5.13.2016

“To Visualize Climate Change, Think About Water”, Marketplace, featuring Peter Gleick, 5.4.2016

“Farm Hour”Talk 650 KSTE, featuring Heather Cooley (at 19 minutes in), 3.18.2016

“Catching Storm Runoff Could Ease Droughts, But It’s No Quick Fix”, KQED Science, featuring Peter Gleick, 2.14.2016

“Sierra Snows Ease, But Won’t End California Drought”, Public Radio International, featuring Peter Gleick, 2.12.2016

“City Visions: Fracking Farmland – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”91.7 KALW, featuring Matthew Heberger, 1.11.16

“San Diego Water Glut Threatens to Overshadow New Desalination Plant”, 89.3 KPCC, featuring Peter Gleick, 12.14.15

“Episode 188: Fountain Drinks”, 99% Invisible, featuring Peter Gleick, 11.10.15

“Tips for Using Less Water at Home and at Work”, KQED Forum, featuring Heather Cooley, 5.1.15

“Taking the hydro out of hydropower”, Marketplace, featuring Heather Cooley, 4.8.15

“New Solutions For Dire California Drought”, NPR On Point, featuring Heather Cooley, 3.23.15

“CA water wasters go unchecked, as NASA scientist sounds dire warning”, 89.3 KPCC, featuring Peter Gleick, 3.16.15

“Freshwater Talk, episode 7: Dr. Peter Gleick, Pacific Institute”,The Freshwater Trust, 2.20.15

“Heavy Rains With Warmer Temperatures Not Diminishing California’s Drought Worries, KCBS, featuring Peter Gleick, 12.15.14

“Water Conflicts”, Current Cast, featuring Peter Gleick, 10.24.14

“Personal Water Conservation”, Current Cast, featuring Heather Cooley, 10.6.14

“Exploring Water Solutions for California’s Drought”, KCBS, featuring Peter Gleick, 9.29.14

“Cost Of Doing Nothing At The Salton Sea May Be Higher Than Cost Of Repair”, KPBS, featuring Michael Cohen, 9.18.14

“In the United States: buy bottled water or tap water?”, Bayvoice, featuring Peter Gleick, 9.3.14, (Chinese)

“Failure to restore Salton Sea could cost the state billions,” KPCC, featuring Michael Cohen, 9.4.14

“Parched: California Drought Update,” Sea Change Radio, featuring Peter Gleick, 9.3.14

“Bay Area’s Old, Leaky Pipes Waste Billions of Gallons of Water,Forum, featuring Heather Cooley, 8.27.14

The End of the Era of Cheap Water?“, Business Daily BBC, 8.7.14

Drought or not, how should we value water?,” Marketplace, 2.17.14

The California Water Crisis – what lies ahead in the future,” The Gary Null Show, featuring Matthew Heberger, 2.6.14

Despite Recent Rain, Drought Fears Escalate,” Forum, featuring Peter Gleick, 2.5.14
California Drought And The U.S. Food Supply,” On Point, featuring Heather Cooley, 1.27.14

Global Development Podcast: Water, Water Everywhere?,” The Guradian, featuring Peter Gleick, 3.22.13