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The California drought has been the newsmaker in 2014, and the Pacific Institute has been the go-to resource for the media, informing the conversation on the local, national, and international level. Here are a few of the dozens of stories featuring Pacific Institute experts:

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bloomberg-view-logo Bigger Dams Won’t Make California Greener 
4.3.2014 - California’s northern rivers are so low that young Chinook salmonhave to be trucked on their journey to the Pacific Ocean. Yet to listen to some farmers and their political allies…Read more
nyt-logo What to do about the California Drought 
3.16.2014 - 
Re “Global Warming? Not Always,” by Martin P. Hoerling (Sunday Review, March 9): Re “Global Warming?” Read more
mercury-news-logo California Drought: More than 255,000 Homes and Businesses still don’t have Water Meters Statewide
3.8.14 - 
Despite urgent calls for water conservation amid one of California’s worst droughts, more than 255,000 homeowners and businesses across the state can still use all the water they want without paying higher bills. Read more
Print American Aqueduct: The Great California Water Saga
2.24.14 A $25 billion plan, a small town, and a half-century of wrangling over the most important resource in the biggest state. Read more

Peter Gleick and Pacific Institute Emphasize Water Conservation
Nearly three decades ago, when Peter Gleick started the Pacific Institute to work on water and other environmental issues, California was in the grip of a fierce drought. Read more


Severe drought? California has been here before
2.23.14 – A thousand-year tree-ring study shows that deep droughts come with the territory. Now the issue is how to deal… Read more


Governor Plans $687 Million for California Drought
2.19.14 – Gov. Jerry Brown and the top Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday announced a $687 million plan to provide immediate help to drought-stricken communities throughout… Read more


Can California Farmers Save Water and the Dying Salton Sea?
2.18.2014 - Standing atop a rocky outcrop on the southeastern edge of the Salton Sea in southern California, Bruce Wilcox pointed to the wooden ruins of a boat dock that dates back to the… Read more


Parched California Pours Mega-Millions Into Desalination Tech
2.17.2014 – Besieged by drought and desperate for new sources of water, California towns are ramping up plans to convert salty ocean water into drinking water to quench their long-term thirst. Read more.

Experts Urge Long-Term Approach to Water Scarcity in California
2.13.14 – As President Barack Obama travels to Fresno focusing on California’s extreme drought, scientists are advocating efforts to align water use with dwindling supplies… Read more


In California, Not a Drop to Drink
2.10.14 – Within California’s complex and delicate infrastructure, the land around Bishop is vitally important. Nestled near the eastern border of the Sierra Nevada mountain range… Read more


California Drought Impact Seen Spreading From Fires to Food Cost
2.07.14- The drought that’s gripping California may soon have the rest of the country seeking relief. The emergency, which follows the state’s driest year on record, is likely to… Read more

 forum-npr-logo Despite Recent Rain, Drought Fears Escalate
2.5.2014 – California faces what may be its worst drought in modern history. At least 17 communities and water districts in the state could run out of water within 100 days… Read more
 climate-progress-logo Leading Scientists Explain How Climate Change Is Worsening California’s Epic Drought
1.31.2014 - Scientists have long predicted that climate change would bring on ever-worsening droughts, especially in semi-arid regions like the U.S. Southwest. As climatologist James Hansen… Read more
associated-press-logo Amid Drought, California Agency Won’t Allot Water
1.31.2014 - Amid severe drought conditions, California officials announced Friday they won’t send any water from the state’s vast reservoir system to local agencies beginning … Read more
new-scientist-logo Parched California hunts for water in unusual places
1.28.2014 – Water is running low in California. Reservoirs are receding, leaving lake beds cracking in the warm winter sun. Snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains, traditionally a third … Read more
sfbg-logo Drought
1.28.2014 - I remember the dead lawns, 90-second timed showers, empty fountains and pools, and water cops issuing tickets for washing one’s dirty car. Read more
npr-on-point-logo California Drought And The U.S. Food Supply
1.27.2014 - They are praying for rain in California.  And facing drought.  A drought emergency, Governor Jerry Brown declared last week.  Worst in years.  Winter weather so warm… Read more. 
new-zealand-herald-logo California’s Drought Sparks Fears for Future
1.25.2014 - Some say state needs to rethink policies to suitably deal with climate change. Read more
motherjones 6 Scary Facts About California’s Drought
1.18.2014 - “Fire season just didn’t end this year. The comment came from Scott Miller, the Los Angeles County fire inspector, in the wake of the Colby Fire in the foothills near Los Angeles … Read more
KTVU_2_logo Drought May Alter California Lifestyles
1.17.2014 - 
Water policy experts tell KTVU that the governor’s drought emergency declaration is an important first step. It may let the state divert water and get federal funds, but the… Read more
la-times-logo California declares drought emergency
1.17.2014 – Gov. Jerry Brown’s decree urges residents to cut water use by 20% and takes steps to ease shortage’s effects on farms and wildlife.
npr-logo In California, Alarm Grows Over Shrinking Water Level
1.14.2014 – The drought in California has become so severe that cities are preparing to impose restrictions on water use in homes.  Listen to the story
Viewpoints: Why I’m still confused about the proposed tunnels in the Delta
11.6.2013 - I and my colleagues at the Pacific Institute have worked on California water issues for more than a quarter of a century. It is therefore no surprise that we get asked on a regular …Read More
Climate Change Likely to Increase Water Scarcity
9.25.2013 - In light of the recent Colorado flooding caused by unprecedented rainfall, it may seem counterintuitive to worry about a global paucity of water. Read More
  Water, Water, Everywhere—But Not A Drop To Drink?
9.17.2013 - With the planet getting warmer and more populated, the trend lines seem clear: the thirst on Earth is building. Is there enough water to go around, and if so, for how long? Read More
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