Staff and Board: Michael J. Cohen

Senior Research Associate

Michael J. Cohen is a Senior Research Associate with the Pacific Institute.

Mr. Cohen’s work focuses on water use in the Colorado River basin and delta region and the restoration of the Salton Sea ecosystem. He is the lead author of several Pacific Institute reports on the Salton Sea and the Colorado River, and has contributed to several Pacific Institute reports on water use. He is also the co-author of several journal articles on water and the environment in the border region. Previously, Michael Cohen was a legislative staffer in Congress and a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala.

Mr. Cohen developed a “partial” restoration plan for the Salton Sea, recognizing the infeasibility of restoring the Sea as a whole, and helped draft an alternative set of shortage criteria for the lower Colorado River.

He is a member of the Colorado River Basin Study’s Municipal and Industrial Conservation and Water Reuse Workgroup and the Water Education Foundation’s Colorado River Advisory Committee, and was a member of the California Resources Agency’s Salton Sea Advisory Committee

Mr. Cohen has a Master’s degree in Geography, with a concentration in Resources and Environmental Quality, from San Diego State University and received a B.A. in Government from Cornell University.