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Pacific Institute


Photo: Craig Miller/KQED
Founded in 1987, the Pacific Institute is housed in this Oakland Victorian.

654 13th Street, Preservation Park
Oakland, CA 94612, USA
Phone: 510-251-1600
Fax: 510-251-2203
Email: info (at) pacinst.org


2260 Baseline Road, Suite 101
Boulder, CO 80302, USA
Phone: 720-564-0651
Fax: 303-786-8054
Email: co_office (at) pacinst.org

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General Email:

For media queries, email press (at) pacinst.org.
For general queries, email info (at) pacinst.org.

Staff Email:

Staff email general format is [first initial][last name] (at) pacinst.org
Exclude all hyphens.

Terry Asbury, 
Executive Assistant
Michael Cohen, Senior Research Associate
Heather Cooley, Program Director
Kristina Donnelly, Research Associate
Cindy Foley, Finance and Operations Manager
Dr. Peter H. Gleick, President
Mai-Lan Ha, Senior Research Associate
Matthew Heberger, Senior Research Associate
Jason Morrison, Program Director
Amanda Pebler, Communications Associate
Rapichan Phurisamban, Research Assistant 
Peter Schulte, Senior Research Associate
Pete Stanga, Chief Operating Officer
Stefanie Woodward, Research Associate