Cora Kammeyer of the Pacific Institute to Speak at Cities of Tomorrow Conference in California

Cities of Tomorrow, a three-day event organized by the Silicon Valley Forum, focuses on the way our current technological advances can help us develop a more sustainable environment scaled to the size of a city. On June 26th, Cora Kammeyer, Research Associate at the Pacific Institute, will speak at the conference about the Pacific Institute’s work on sustainable landscapes.

The availability of and access to water are central for further urban growth. Cora Kammeyer will discuss the importance of water conservation for sustainable living, as well as the innovative work being done at the Pacific Institute to ensure sustainable water management and use.

The conference will be held across different venues in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, and will highlight the cutting-edge work being done by some exceptional technology companies and startups in Silicon Valley to secure a greener, more sustainable future. The conference will explore whether our existing systems and infrastructure can be adapted to work with the rapidly developing technological innovations or if they need to be fully rewired for optimum results.

The conference will take place from June 25th through 27th in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, California.

Learn more and register to attend here.

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