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California Water Use Map
This interactive online map helps users decode the wealth of information on water use in California. The features allow users to examine how water use varies within regions, across the state, and over time. Colored zones show a gradient of water use across the state, from green for lower per capita water use to bright red for the highest users. By clicking on each location, users can see graphs of per capita use over time and comparisons to the regional and state averages. Water use data are updated monthly from reports by the California State Water Resources Control Board, while geographic data are drawn from the California Department of Public Health’s website, supplemented by research from the Pacific Institute.
drought-website compiles tools, research, and information on the California drought that serves as an invaluable resource to facilitate the work at every level to address current issues and plan strategies in the face of a drier future for California and the western United States. Visit
River Friendly Calculator
River-Friendly Benefits Calculator
“River-Friendly Landscaping” is a way for Sacramento residents and businesses to beautify the county while saving water, energy, and money, and even reduce their carbon footprint. Users can also see how their landscape compares to a conservation-minded river-friendly landscape or a more traditional landscape that is mostly lawn, in terms of water needs, green waste production, greenhouse gas emissions, costs, labor, and maintenance. The Pacific Institute is a resource for other communities interested in creating a Landscape Benefits Calculator that is specific for their own region. Try the calculator.


WECalc asks users a series of questions about their home water use habits, and based on inputted replies, estimates their water use and provides personalized recommendations for reducing it. WECalc also estimates users’ water-related energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions and shows them how much they can save — and how to do it.
 The World’s Water Series For more than a decade, the biennial report The World’s Water has provided key data and expert insights into our most pressing freshwater issues. is dedicated to providing information and resources to help protect and preserve fresh water around the globe.
Water Conflict Chronology
In an ongoing effort to understand the connections between water resources, water systems, and international security and conflict, the Pacific Institute initiated the Water Conflict Chronology project in the late 1980s to track and categorize events related to water and conflict.
The Water Conflict Chronology is also available in Spanish (2008 version).
Cronología de los Conflictos del Agua en Español (versión actualizada en 2008).
Sustainability Standards 101
The Pacific Institute and its collaborators, the Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development, the ISEAL Alliance, OneWorldStandards, and Real Reason, have launched two new websites – Framing Sustainability Standards and Sustainability Standards 101– that use “framing” to demystify key concepts and issues related to sustainability standards. By talking about social and environmental standards in straightforward ways with engaging illustrations that define the issues, the new web tools help communicate to the layperson the unique role and value of sustainability standards systems in furthering sustainable development.
 Circle of Blue WaterNews
Circle of Blue WaterNews is a daily extension of Circle of Blue’s long-form journalistic and scientific coverage of the global freshwater crisis and its solutions. From breaking headlines and the latest research to emerging trends and success stories and challenges, WaterNews is a great resource for comprehensive, engaging freshwater coverage.