Water is the basis for all of life. It also is at the center of some of the world’s most intractable challenges. Since 1987, the Pacific Institute has created and advanced practical solutions and strategic “big ideas” to solve problems such as unsustainable water management and use, climate change, environmental degradation, and basic lack of access to fresh water and sanitation.

As a contributor to the Rapid Response Fund, you will help us swiftly provide solutions and information to the people who need it most to change the way we relate to and use water.

Rapid Response Fund in Action
We must act fast when issues arise if our impartial scientific and policy recommendations are to make a difference. Here are a few examples of past Rapid Response accomplishments: 

Issue: The media fixates on one particular crop drying out a drought-stricken California.
Rapid Response: The staff quickly prepares, releases and widely disemminates a clarifying “Need to Know” paper that explains water use for the state’s main crops and offers detailed strategies for improving agricultural water use.

Issue: The President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology seeks fast advice on ways to solve the nation’s water problems.
Rapid Response: In days, staff prepares and presents the council with explicit recommendations for changes to federal policies.

Issue: One of the world’s largest retail corporations is writing guidelines to direct the water practices of thousands of companies in its supply chain and asks for guidance.
Rapid Response: Staff recommends specific actions the corporation’s suppliers can take to ensure the sustainable use of water. 

Swift Action for Improved Water Stewardship
With your contribution to the Rapid Response Fund, our scientists, researchers, and policy experts will be able to:

  • land-waterAdvise communities on new local and state policies that affect their access to clean water.
  • Every day inform and educate reporters at the world’s major media outlets working on deadline.
  • Write and place regular op-eds and editorials that respond to breaking news.
  • Furnish local water managers, governors, and global heads of state with time-sensitive recommendations on topics ranging from reducing climate risk to improving water management.

Supply a public interest perspective to trade associations representing industries as diverse as beverage and mining to improve their businesses’ water practices.

It’s time to think and act differently about water. With your gift to the Rapid Response Fund, we will quickly create innovative solutions for the most timely water challenges of our day.