Richmond’s Tax Revenue from Chevron

Published: October 2008
Authors: Eli Moore, Swati Prakash
Pages: 12

An Excerpt from the forthcoming report by the West County Indicators Project

From roadways and streetlights to police, fire trucks, parks, and shelters, the resources and services that Richmond residents look to in their community depend on public revenue. As Richmond’s largest industry, Chevron also relies on the city’s optimal location, infrastructure, and public services to function, but how much it contributes to the community has been unclear. In a chapter from the West County Indicators Report, the Pacific Institute finds Chevron’s contribution to Richmond revenue is closer to 10% of the city’s total revenues–findings that counter reports it is responsible for one-third of the city’s revenue.

The chapter, “Richmond’s Tax Revenue from Chevron,” is an except from a forthcoming report by the West County Indicators Project.