Chevron Richmond Refinery’s Flaring Events

Public Comment to the Richmond City Council
Statement by Eli Moore
Research Associate, Pacific Institute

“Flaring events at Chevron Richmond Refinery, 2004-2007, and Anticipated Flaring
Considered in the Chevron Energy and Hydrogen Renewal Project Draft Environmental Impact Report”
July 15th, 2008

Honorable City Council members and Richmond residents: Hello and thank you for allowing me to present comments on the issue of flaring at the Chevron Richmond refinery. My name is Eli Moore and I am a Research Associate with the Pacific Institute, an Oakland-based nonpartisan research institute that works to advance environmental protection, economic development, and social equity. The Pacific Institute is a lead partner in the West County Indicators Report, a community-based research effort producing neighborhood level indicators of environmental, economic, and community health.

In response to community concerns regarding flaring at the Chevron refinery, the Pacific Institute conducted an independent study to answer the question, “How many days per year of significant flaring have occurred since flare monitoring began in 2003?” Our methodology was to use the publicly available data for 2004-2007 submitted each month by Chevron to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District in accordance with the flare monitoring rule. This research is relevant to the Chevron Energy and Hydrogen Renewal Project Draft EIR sections on Existing Setting (section, Air Quality (section 4.3), and Public Health (section 4.12). While the draft EIR states on page 4.1-13 that the number of flaring events requiring “additional reporting” at the facility decreased from 2005 to 2006, we found that the number of days of reportable flaring, as defined by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, was significantly higher and actually increased from 38 to 43 during that time period. […]

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