CEO Water Mandate: Transparency Policy

Published: October 11, 2008

I. Introduction

Since the launch of the CEO Water Mandate in July 2007, transparency has been identified by endorsing companies and external stakeholders alike as a key issue in making the Mandate a legitimate, meaningful initiative that advances best practice in sustainable water management in the private sector. Indeed, one of the six core elements of the CEO Water Mandate is a commitment to transparency and the regular disclosure of progress with respect to implementation of the Mandate’s key elements.

In October 2008, the UN Global Compact Office officially established the Transparency Policy for the CEO Water Mandate. The Transparency Policy, presented in this document, was the outcome of extensive discussions and deliberations among endorsers in consultation with key stakeholders, including civil society.

The Transparency Policy was derived from the Transparency Framework of the CEO Water Mandate, which describes the transparency principles and related objectives of the initiative. […]

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