Our Work: Our Approach

At the heart of the Pacific Institute’s approach is the importance of translating knowledge into real-world change.

The Pacific Institute works directly with stakeholders and decision-makers: from community and advocacy groups to corporations and business groups to policy makers to government agencies. One of the most important aspects of our work is finding solutions that balance economic well-being, environmental health, and equity. By identifying sustainable solutions that minimize adverse social and environmental impacts, we seek to develop more robust and resilient approaches to some of our most challenging problems. In conducting our work:

-We are INDEPENDENT: we follow rigorous research methods, using the best available science and data, and draw our conclusions based on this analysis.

-We are INTERDISCIPLINARY: the nature and complexity of the problems we address means that our work must integrate knowledge and approaches from many disciplines.

-We are COLLABORATIVE: we believe that partnerships, public participation, and local knowledge are key to crafting effective policies and programs. We believe in the power of unlikely alliances and collaboration to bring about more durable change.

-We are DYNAMIC in reaching audiences for action: our tools and research results are disseminated strategically through a variety of formats and media.

“The impact of organizations like yours cannot be overestimated. The Pacific Institute examined the interrelated issues of the environment, our security, and economic development long before many people realized how important they are to our future. What you have already achieved stands as a testament to the power of service.”

Former President of the United States William Jefferson Clinton