Tools to Improve Environmental Performance: Expectations and Obstacles

A Multi-Stakeholder Roundtable Workshop

Cal/EPA Headquarters Building, Sacramento, California
November 21-22, 2002

Overview of Event

The Multi-State Working Group and Council
of State Governments are developing policy institutions
that will work to address the critical needs of government,
business, and non-governmental organizations that are
attempting to improve the environmental performance of
the nation. In order to inform the launching of these
initiatives, this two-day facilitated workshop was held
on November 21-22, 2002 at the California Environmental
Protection Agency headquarters in Sacramento, California.
The Workshop was intended to serve as the foundation of,
and provide the direction for, future programs that seek
to understand comprehensive and systematic approaches
of managing the environmental and natural resource challenges
of the next 20 years. About 70 representatives of government,
industry, and environmental public interest organizations
attended the event.

Workshop Objectives

The objective of the workshop was to develop
a document that serve as the foundation on which the National
Environmental Policy Academy will build its curriculum

  • Identifying and better understanding, through
    facilitated dialogue, an integrated system of performance-oriented
    policy initiatives that accelerates improvement in environmental
  • Identifying stakeholders, their goals, expectations,
    and motivating factors, and the obstacles to achieving
    the goals.
  • Dialogue on the role of environmental information,
    indicators, goals, and enforceable standards in achieving
    environmental performance and sustainability outcomes.

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