Tien Shiao To Participate in Discussions Around Water and the Apparel Sector During the Textile Exchange Conference in Washington D.C.

On Tuesday October 10, Senior Research Associate Tien Shiao will moderate the panel discussion “Managing Our Way through a Water Shortfall” at the Textile Exchange Conference in Washington, D.C.

Tien will speak about corporate water stewardship and its linkage with the Sustainable Development Goals. The discussion will highlight the opportunities and challenges of corporate water stewardship for the apparel sector.

The session will take place on Tuesday October 10 from 4:10-5:10p.m. EST.

On Wednesday October 11, Tien Shiao will participate in the session “Setting Apparel Sustainability Goals with Sound Science.” This session will explore how apparel companies can meet rising consumer demand over the coming decades while decreasing their environmental impacts to function within planetary boundaries? In this session, experts from the Pacific Institute, World Resources Institute, and The Sustainable Fashion Academy will give practical guidance on how businesses can use environmental science to improve operations, rethink supply chains and drive business model innovations that will help them thrive in a resource-strained world.

The session will take place on Wednesday October 11 from 11:15a.m.-12:45p.m. EST.

The agenda for this event is here.