The Drought Forecast Calls for Pain

San Francisco Chronicle Op-Ed Shares What the State Can Expect During the Drought

Pacific Institute President Peter Gleick wrote an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle sharing what can be expected with the current drought, barring an increasingly unlikely “March miracle”.

February 27, 2015
 – Special to the San Francisco Chronicle: The Drought Forecast Calls for Pain

For the fourth year in a row, California is in severe drought. Water allocations from the state and federal water projects will be far short of what farmers and cities want — in many cases, zero — and pressures on the state’s ecosystems are worsening. There will be plenty of pain to go around. There are also strategies for avoiding some of the worst consequences but our water leaders — from local water managers to the governor — must step up now.

The National Weather Service sees hot weather with no significant increase in rainfall persisting for California for the next three months. With time running out for the 2015 wet season, this is really bad news for California’s environment, vulnerable farmers and farmworkers, and a growing number of towns and cities with constrained water supplies. Snowpack is less than 20 percent of normal. The state’s reservoirs are only 40 percent full. And groundwater basins are millions of acre-feet of water… (Read the full op-ed here.)