Pacific Institute Water Program Experts Weigh In on the Drought

The California drought – christened the “Bellwether Drought” by Pacific Institute President Peter Gleick as a portent for the state’s changing weather patterns with climate change – has brought water policy to public attention with renewed urgency. The Pacific Institute has been at the forefront of researching and finding solutions for California’s water issues for more than 25 years, and the work continues. In recent weeks the Institute’s experts have been the nonstop go-to resource for the media, fielding more than 80 calls, informing the conversation on the local, national, and international level. Here are a few of the dozens of stories featuring Pacific Institute experts:

(Selected press hits from January 1 – February 22, 2014)

The Economist  – “The Drying of the West”

NBC News  – “Parched California Pours Mega-Millions Into Desalination Tech”

KCBS TV – “Drought Reveals Energy and Water Use Inseparably Linked”

NPR’s Marketplace – “Drought or Not, How Should We Value Water”

Desert Sun – “Experts Urge Long-term Approach to Water Scarcity in California”

SFGate – “Desalination Plants a Pricey Option if Drought Persists”

Grist – “Beyond a Reasonable Drought: California’s Dry Spell Could be the Worst in 500 Years”

Mother Jones – “California’s Drought Could Be the Worst in 500 Years”

Guardian UK – “Why Global Water Shortages Pose Threat of Terror and War”

Bloomberg News – “California Drought Impact Seen Spreading from Fires to Food Cost”

Tavis Smiley Show on Public Radio International – “Peter Gleick: Nationwide Effects of California Drought”

Gary Null Show on WBAI (NYC) and Progressive Radio Network – “News Update: The California Water Crisis – What Lies Ahead in the Future” with Matthew Heberger (begins at minute 49:17)

KQED Forum with Michael Krasny – “Despite Recent Rain, Drought Fears Escalate” with Peter Gleick

New Scientist – “California Thirstin’: Tips from Australia Mega-drought”

Al Jazeera – “Water Conservation is No Joke in Drought-Ridden California”

AP (Associated Press) – “Amid Drought, California Water Agency Won’t Allot Water”

Think – Climate Progress – “Leading Scientists Explain How Climate Change is Worsening California’s Epic Drought”

KGTV ABC News 10 San Diego – “Jerry Brown Warns of Mega-Drought in California”

Sea Change Radio – “Peter Gleick on the California Drought”

New Scientist – “Parched California Hunts for Water in Unusual Places”

Bay Guardian – “Drought: Driest Year in California History Sparks Arid Memories and Previews the Warmer World We’re Creating”

NPR “On Point” National Broadcast – “California Drought and the US Food Supply” with Heather Cooley

New Zealand Herald – “California Drought Sparks Fears for Future”

Stockton Record – “Are We Better Prepared for a Drought”

Circle of Blue Water News – “California’s Lingering Drought and Pollution Defy Solutions”

KPFA “Saturday Morning Talkies” program with Kris Welch – Matt Heberger interviewed on California drought

Mother Jones – “Six Scary Facts About California’s Drought”

KTVU – “Drought May Alter Calif. Lifestyle”

Los Angeles Times – “California Declares Drought Emergency”,0,1045068.story#axzz2r3DDsq2u

KQED Science Blogs – “Icebergs and Green Paint: Lessons from California’s Big Droughts”

KPFA “Letters and Politics” with Matthew Heberger interview on California freshwater situation

NPR “All Things Considered” – “In California Alarm Grows Over Shrinking Water Levels”

Albuquerque Journal – “Total ABQ Water Use Lowest in 30 Years”

NPR “All Things Considered” –  “It’s Not Magic On The Mountain, It’s A Rain-Making Machine”

KPCC (SoCal NPR): “Third-straight Dry Winter Deepens Water Worries across California”

Desert Sun: “After California’s Driest Year on Record, Water Experts Push Conservation”