Pacific Institute Posts Water Fact Sheets for World Water Day – Ten Shocking Facts about the World’s Water and More

March 22, 2014: The message from the Pacific Institute for World Water Day is “Know Your Water!” One of the world’s leading nonprofit research organizations on freshwater issues has posted fact sheets of “7 Things You Should Know about California Water” and “10 Shocking Facts about the World’s Water.”water-splash

The seven things you should know include:

In California, an estimated 19% of the state’s electricity use and 32% of all natural gas consumption are related to water. For perspective, consider that leaving the hot water running for five minutes uses as much energy as operating a 60-W light bulb for 14 hours.

And up to one-third of California’s current urban water use — more than 2.3 million acre-feet — can be saved using existing technology, such as replacing old, inefficient water-using devices with high-efficiency models in our homes and businesses, as well as replacing some lawns with low-water-use plants.

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The ten shocking facts  about the World’s Water include:

3.4 million people—mainly children— die as a result of preventable water-related diseases every year.

1.2 billion people—nearly 20 percent of the world’s population—live in areas of physical water scarcity. What does that mean? Water withdrawals for agriculture, industry, and domestic purposes exceed 75 percent of river flows.

And in developing countries, an estimated 90 percent of sewage and 70 percent of industrial waste is discharged into waterways without any treatment at all.

Read them all here: 10 Shocking Facts about the World’s Water!