New Model Allows Users to Analyze Effects of Climate, Prices, Population, and Technology on Urban Water Demand through 2100


urban_water_demand_small2.jpgUrban Water Demand in California to 2100: Incorporating Climate Change

August 16, 2012, Oakland, CA: The Urban Water Demand to 2100 model will make it easier for state agencies, water utilities, and others to explore scenarios of future water use and identify possible response options. The model can be customized to reflect local or regional population projections, development patterns, water uses, energy requirements, and expected savings from conservation and efficiency measures. Scenarios are not “predictions,” but rather tools to test hypotheses, data, and assumptions about future urban demand and potential response strategies. Scenario-based planning can help compare potential futures and different response strategies.

Download the full report.

Download the Urban Water Demand 2100 model.
System requirements for Model: Windows, Microsoft Excel and Access 2007 and up.
NOTE: The Access database “Tables.accdb” must be kept in the same directory with Excel file.

*A small number of users may require an additional database file to use particular features. If you select the “Custom Region” option and set the Climate Data Source as “Grid cell,” you will need to use a larger database with additional tables. This file (which is over 1 GB), and instructions for using it, are available on request. Please email: Matthew Heberger.