Institute Releases Analysis on the Current and Future CSR Landscape

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Pacific Institute, in collaboration with the ISEAL Alliance, AccountAbility, Global Reporting Initiative, and International Institute for Sustainable Development, has completed a survey on the current and future desired landscape for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) movement. The purpose of the survey was to gather the views of civil society groups and other stakeholders on the current status of the various global voluntary CSR instruments and initiatives, and to use this information to serve as a foundation for developing a common vision of a desired CSR landscape. Eighty-eight organizations and individuals responded to the survey, the preliminary findings of which were presented to convening of NGOs in Berlin in October, 2006.

In “Results of Survey on the Current and Future CSR Landscape,” (PDF) the Institute found that the survey participants hold a high degree of consensus on the current and future picture of the CSR landscape, regardless of stakeholder group or geographical region represented. In particular, respondents mostly agreed on the challenges associated with the existing CSR initiatives (i.e., lack of funding and resources for effective participation and lack of clear definition of the CSR landscape), as well as the future direction of CSR landscape (i.e., more involvement of business and governments, greater role of voluntary CSR standards and initiatives). A more detailed analysis of the survey results can be found in the summary report.

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