Don’t let special interests dictate state water policy

Sacramento Bee Op-Ed Warns Special Interests and Backroom Negotiations Could Have Harmful Effects on the Delta

Pacific Institute President Peter Gleick authored an op-ed featured in the Sacramento Bee’s Soapbox, exposing backroom negotiations and calling for collaborative efforts when engaging in California water policy. 

May 1, 2015 – Special to the Sacramento Bee: Don’t let special interests dictate state water policy

California’s water system is in a very delicate place – a transition from 19th and 20th century policies and institutions to a system that must work for a 21st century economy and society. Complicating this difficult long-term transition, the state is now suffering a severe, multiyear drought.

Gov. Jerry Brown has worked hard to develop a balanced response to the drought and is commendably rethinking his options on the costly, highly complex effort to fix long-standing problems in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Farming groups, environmental interests and urban water users are seeking common ground. Programs to improve water-use efficiency and unprecedented efforts to manage groundwater are underway. Significant new water funding has been approved, and the Legislature has become far more… (Read the full op-ed here.)