Michael Cohen of the Pacific Institute to Participate in Salton Sea Management Program 10-Year Plan Committee Meeting in Coachella, California

On Tuesday, November 13th, Pacific Institute Senior Researcher Michael Cohen will participate in the Salton Sea Management Program 10-Year Plan committee meeting in Coachella to discuss the state’s plans and options for expediting construction of critical habitat restoration projects at the Salton Sea.

Over the last several decades, water levels at the Salton Sea have declined and salinity concentrations have increased because of climate fluctuations, agricultural conservation measures, cropping practices, and reduced inflows from Mexico. Declining lake levels create more particulate air pollution that threatens important bird habitat and poses public health risks. The discussion will cover topics related to managing water inflows to the desert lake and assessing progress towards the annual acreage milestones established by the task force. The medium-term goal established a target of 18,000 to 25,000 acres of habitat and dust suppression projects.

The scheduled meeting will take place on November 13th in Coachella at the City of Coachella Corporate Yard at 53-462 Enterprise Way, Coachella, California 92236.

You can read more about the the Salton Sea Management Program here.