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Announcing the New Pacific Institute President, the Cost of Water Supplies in California, and More.
October 2016

Announcing Our New President

Last month, the Pacific Institute announced the selection of its new president, Jason Morrison. Morrison has extensive experience nationally and internationally with water and sustainability issues, a track record as a nonprofit organization manager and leader, and a history of commitment, success, and vision working with the Pacific Institute for the past 23 years. 

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New Release: The Cost of Alternative Water Supply and Efficiency Options in California
This new Pacific Institute study is the first comparative analysis of the costs of alternative water supply and efficiency options in drought-stricken California, from seawater desalination to recycled water and efficiency measures. The report will help communities prioritize cost-effective water solutions. 

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New Release: Meeting Sustainability Goals
Over the past two decades, Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) have emerged to govern sustainability metrics on issues such as respect for human rights, workers’ health and safety, provision of a decent income, and environmental degradation. A new United Nations Forum on Sustainability Standards report by Pacific Institute researchers examines how governments can engage with VSS to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

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New Release: Water Hotspots for Agriculture: The Southwest United States

As climate change and increased water demand put pressure on the Southwest’s limited water supplies, a new report by Pacific Institute researchers examines projected changes in the region and provides recommendations for reducing future water shortage risks for agriculture.  

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The California Water Action Collaborative

The California Water Action Collaborative (CWAC), a working group of environmental organizations, food and beverage companies, non-profits, farmers, and local water districts, including the Pacific Institute, this month announced its collaborative support for critical projects designed to protect California’s water future. 

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Update from Circle of Blue
An Affiliate of the Pacific Institute
For the first time, the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing a case on the use of an aquifer shared by two states. Circle of Blue reports on the lawsuit between Mississippi and Tennessee that could set a new precedent for groundwater management.

Read more about this issue here. Visit Circle of Blue’s website here.

In Brief
Pacific Institute Experts’ Outreach

Iwater Show in Barcelona

Future Outreach

On November 15, President Emeritus and Chief Scientist Peter Gleick will deliver the keynote address on the soft path to water at the 2016 International Integrated Water (Iwater) Show in Barcelona. The event will bring together global experts to discuss the main issues in water management around the world.

Read more about the event here. 

Water and Long-Term Value 2 Conference in San Francisco

Past Outreach

On October 5, Peter Gleick delivered the keynote address “Managing Water Assets Reframed: Rethinking Innovation” at the Water & Long Term Value 2 conference in San Francisco. Later that day, Jason Morrison, Pacific Institute president, presented “Building Resilience & Long-Term Water Security: Aligning Corporate Water Stewardship with California’s Water Policy Agenda.

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In the News
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