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November 2018

Upcoming Workshop:
Measuring Access to Water and Sanitation in California

In 2012, California’s Human Right to Water was passed, calling for safe, clean, affordable, and accessible water for all. Yet while this statute has served as the touchstone for drinking water and sanitation efforts in the state, access to this basic right remains unrealized in many California communities. This workshop will explore what realizing the human right to water in California would mean in terms that are concrete, measurable, and aligned with prevailing laws and norms in the state.
The workshop will take place from 10:30am to 12:00pm PST at the Capitol in Sacramento, California. Read more

Fact Sheet:
Water Service Disconnections in California

In California, when a person fails to pay their water utility bill, their water service can be disconnected. Lack of water in the home compromises health, and renders housing legally uninhabitable and untenantable. Shutoffs also pose a financial burden. This fact sheet examines practices and fees associated with water shutoffs in California and offers recommendations for water utilities to reduce shutoff rates and increase revenue collection.
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Q&A with Sarah Diringer:
A Multi-Benefits Approach to Water Management

There are many strategies for ensuring a reliable, high-quality water supply, including stormwater capture, source water protection, water reuse, and efficiency improvements. Many of these strategies also provide additional benefits, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving water quality, and enhancing community livability. In this interview, Senior Researcher Dr. Diringer talks about the challenges and promise of an integrated water management approach.
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Tackling the Global Water Crisis: How Businesses Can Help

Last month at the VERGE 18 Conference and Expo in Oakland, Pacific Institute President Jason Morrison and Director of Research Heather Cooley were joined by Lisa Hook from Gap Inc. for a conversation about the world’s biggest water challenges and how businesses can help address them. The conversation was moderated by Pacific Institute Research Associate Cora Kammeyer. Watch the video
Also at VERGE 18, Mr. Morrison spoke with John Davies of GreenBiz about the role of technological innovation in water management. Watch the video

We Have Enough Water—We Just Waste Too Much of It
By President Emeritus Peter Gleick

“Every liter of water that we save is water that doesn’t need to be extracted from vulnerable rivers, aquifers, and ecosystems,” writes Dr. Gleick in Quartz. “Every liter of water we save is water that doesn’t need to be treated, delivered, and then treated again as wastewater. Every liter of water we save reduces the energy and greenhouse gases required to run our water systems. When you have a leaky bucket, the first strategy shouldn’t be finding more expensive and scarce water to pour into it—it should be to plug the holes.”
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Meet Our Staff:
Research Associate Cora Kammeyer

Cora says she wants to change the way society thinks about water: “I’d like to increase awareness and understanding around the value of our water resources, so it’s something people think about every time they turn on the sink, eat a fresh meal, or jump into a stream.”
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U.N. Climate Report: Water Extremes, Unevenly Distributed, Worsen With More Heat
Update from Circle of Blue, An Affiliate of the Pacific Institute

Severe economic and ecological shocks, including risks to health, food security, and water supplies, will happen sooner than expected if global temperatures continue to rise, according to a
report from the United Nations.
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Visit Circle of Blue’s website

Upcoming Events:
November and December

November 26-28: President Jason Morrison will provide a plenary speech at Rio Water Week in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Senior Researcher Tien Shiao and Research Associate Giuliana Chaves Moreira will moderate panels at the conference.
December 4: Senior Researcher Laura Feinstein will present at a workshop entitled “Defining Priorities for Measuring Access to Water and Sanitation in California” in Sacramento, California. 
December 10-11: President Emeritus Peter Gleick will speak at the American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.
Keep an eye out for more upcoming staff events on our
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