July 2007

Cool Clear Water


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ool Clear Water
SF Bay Area , Calif.  

Ian Hart will be discussing water in California and the Cool Clear Water series on San Francisco’s CBS-5 at 7:50 a.m.


Environmental Justice

San Jose , Calif.

Swati Prakash will be speaking at the Substantive Law Conference sponsored by the National Legal Aid & Defenders Association, at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. Prakash will discuss integrating research and legal tools to achieve environmental justice as part of a panel series devoted to race equity issues.



The State of Water

SF Bay Area, Calif.
Dr. Peter Gleick will be discussing the state of the world’s water on the San Francisco Bay Area’s NBC-11 program “The Bay Area Today” during the 10 a.m. hour.

The World’s Water
San Francisco, Calif.
Dr. Peter Gleick will be kicking off the Cool Clear Water series with the talk “Fresh Water in the 21st Century.” Photographs of Gil Garcetti will also be displayed. Reserve tickets.


Cool Clear Water Series Comes to SF in August

Institute Co-Sponsors Water Events  

Cool Clear WaterClimate change, pollution, and conflict over water resources demand the best of our scientists and leaders. Mindful of these concerns, the Commonwealth Club of California and the Pacific Institute are proud to announce Cool Clear Water, a series of 24 water-related programs taking place this August. The events will be in San Francisco and surrounding communities.


Cool Clear Water will address our most critical water issues, from climate change and privatization to agriculture and social justice,” said Pacific Institute President Dr. Peter Gleick. Gleick’s talk, Fresh Water in the 21st Century, will take place the evening of August 2. The evening will also feature a display of Gil Garcetti’s photography from his new book on Africa, Water Is Key. Reserve tickets.



  Online Library Welcomes New Additions

The Pacific Institute’s online research library has received a number of additions in recent months, ranging from the Institute’s early research on climate change and international security to more recent articles on the soft path and the human right to water:

Highlights Include Early Climate & Security Articles


JMorrisonWith 15 civil society groups in attendance, the Pacific Institute convened a meeting on June 22 to discuss the future direction of the C-Change. This international initiative was created last year to integrate the world’s various corporate accountability initiatives and approaches. The Institute used the meeting to gather input and share ideas on C-Change.
“As a C-Change Stewardship Team member, this meeting gave us valuable feedback,” said Pacific Institute Program Director Jason Morrison (pictured). “Our attendees also got the chance to meet and share ideas. These groups may be working on different issues, but they benefit in sharing strategies and experiences.”

To learn more about C-Change, contact Morrison or Mari Morikawa at 510-251-1600 or via e-mail.

  Institute Meeting Promotes CSR Collaboration
NGOs Gather to Discuss C-Change


  Daughter Organization Moves Into New Office
New Chapter for WOEIP


MGordonThe West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project moved into their first office last month. This move marks a major step for the organization, which the Institute helped found in 2002. WOEIP’s new space is equipped for community meetings. It is also located across the street from the West Oakland train station.

At the new space, co-directors Margaret Gordon (pictured) and Brian Beveridge will continue their work advancing environmental justice in West Oakland and beyond. You can reach the new office, located at 1747 14th Street, Oakland, by calling 510-451-3227.


In Brief

Art Exhibit Highlights Basic Water Needs
The Pacific Institute’s research has been reimagined by U.S. artist Gregg Schlanger. His piece, B.W.R. (basic water requirements) 50 Liters, will be shown as part of the exhibit Kulturland Brandenburg 2007: Fokus Wasser at the Kunsthaus Potsdam gallery in Potsdam, Germany. Schlanger’s work references Peter Gleick’s findings on basic water needs. The show runs through July 22.

Testimony on Delta Crisis and California Water Management
On July 2, 2007 Heather Cooley testified before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Water and Power regarding the role that conservation and efficiency can play in restoring the health of California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. Download the testimony (PDF)

Talking Environmental Performance
At the Annual Workshop of the Multi-State Working Group on Environmental Performance, Pacific Institute Program Director Jason Morrison facilitated the breakout session Assessing the Public Interest Benefits of Innovation. He also sat on the panel Environmentalists’ Case for Performance-Based Policy.

Shaping Environmental Management Standards

Jason Morrison attended the 14th plenary meeting of ISO’s environmental management committee (TC207) in Beijing from June 25 to 29. At the closing plenary session, Morrison presented the work of the NGO Task Force, a group he chairs that has been working to improve civil society involvement in the committee’s work. In the coming year, the Task Force will work to complete Phase I of its workplan. In particular, it will further its effort to develop operational guidance and procedures for TC 207 on ways of improving its stakeholder involvement. The group will also continue to collaborate with the TC 207 Secretariat in its effort to categorize and monitor stakeholder balance at TC 207 meetings. Learn more.

Port of Oakland Air Quality Task Force Meets
The first meeting of the Task Force responsible for providing input to the Port of Oakland’s Marine Air Quality Improvement Plan took place on June 11. In the next year, the Task Force will be completing the Port’s air quality improvement plan and identifying measures for significantly reducing air pollution at the Port. Pacific Institute Program Director Swati Prakash serves on the task force along with the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project’s Margaret Gordon, who is one of the co-chairs. Interested individuals are encouraged to attend the next task force meeting on August 14, 2007 at 1:00 p.m. For more information, contact us.

West County Indicators Project Steering Committee Meets

Community leaders gathered to identify actions and data needs related to the priority issues of the West County Indicators Project. Over 20 participants discussed six major issue areas facing West Contra Costa County. They identified specific strategies for neighborhood change and brainstormed indicators that could support such actions by measuring equity and progress, directing resources, and informing solutions. For more information, contact the Pacific Institute.