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Status of the Salton Sea, 2018 Water Stewardship Business Strategy, and More
January 2018
Progress Through Research and Collaboration in 2017

In 2017, the Pacific Institute impacted water policy through groundbreaking research and
outreach, brought together diverse stakeholders to make progress on critical water issues,
and catalyzed global business action on water stewardship in support of the United Nations’
Sustainable Development Goals.

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Credit: Tom Anderson, U.S. Geological Survey
Status of California’s Salton Sea 
Deliveries of Mitigation Water Ended in 2017 
The requirement to deliver “mitigation water” to the Salton Sea, to offset the impacts of the nation’s largest agriculture-to-urban water transfer, expired at the end of 2017. The Current Information on the Salton Sea webpage documents the rapid decline of the Salton Sea, as well as the large amount of lakebed now exposed and able to contribute to the large dust emissions already plaguing the region.

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Featured Blog Post: Water Stewardship, New Year’s Edition
By Research Associate Cora Kammeyer

Experts are predicting that water stewardship will become more integrated into business strategy in 2018. What will drive that trend? How can companies adhere successfully to water stewardship plans and make stewardship “stick” in 2018?

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Featured Blog Post: Nevada Leads Nation in Per Capita Solar Power
By Senior Research Fellow John Berger

Las Vegas is leading the US in per capita solar power, exporting 35% of its solar, geothermal, and other renewable power to other western states. Through a tax abatement program, the state has seen a nearly 1,000% return on investment.

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Meet Our Staff: Sarah Diringer

Senior Research Associate 

“Access to clean water and a sustainable ecosystem are fundamental human needs and yet supremely complicated to ensure,” Sarah explains. “The challenge keeps me inspired to search for effective solutions.”   

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Credit: J. Carl Ganter, Circle of Blue
When the Water Is Shut Off
Update from Circle of Blue, an Affiliate of the Pacific Institute
Cities employ vastly different strategies for late-paying customers. As water rates climb higher to pay for years of deferred maintenance, new regulatory requirements, and system upgrades, utilities have come under pressure for their shutoff policies.

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In Brief
Pacific Institute Experts’ Outreach

Water and Climate as Drivers of Conflict
Past Outreach   


On December 13, President Emeritus Peter Gleick participated in a panel discussion on water and conflict worldwide at the

Planetary Security Conference. Panelists used the Pacific Institute’s Water Conflict Chronology and the World Resource Institute’s Aquaduct online platform to inform their analyses of water and climate as drivers of conflict. 

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Read the full list of Pacific Institute experts’ past outreach here.

Water for People, Water for Life


The Pacific Institute’s balanced and collaborative approach to solving water challenges is an antidote to our uncertain and volatile times. Your gift to our Rapid Response Fund will help us influence decision-makers, ensuring the availability of clean water for people and ecosystems around the world. 
In the News
Pacific Institute Staff Help Shape Water Debates
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