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 The EPA’s New National Drinking Water Plan, Scientists on 
Climate Change, and More.
December 2016
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From Scientists to Policymakers: Communicating on Climate, Scientific Integrity, and More

Do scientists have a responsibility to share knowledge that
 may influence public policy, and help determine our collective future? In a recent
National Geographic ScienceBlog, Peter Gleick writes about scientists’ vital role in communicating with policymakers and the public on issues of grave importance, including climate change. 

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Climate Solutions for a Healthy Planet 
The Pacific Institute recently became a fiscal sponsor of Climate Solutions, a project that aims 
to motivate Americans to support ambitious climate protection efforts and to propel the United States’ transition to a clean energy economy. The project plans to conduct research on the economic benefits of clean energy policies and to identify policies that would help accelerate the energy transition. 

Innovative Water Solutions More Important Than Ever

The Pacific Institute’s bold leadership and innovative solutions for the nation’s water problems are more important than ever. Help us challenge ideas in Washington, D.C. that threaten to dismantle years of progress for equitable water systems. Your gift to our
Rapid Response Fund will be doubled thanks to a $50,000 matching gift from board members and supporters. Please make a
contribution today. 
Meet Our Board: Peter Boyer
Pacific Institute Board Member

Peter says he appreciates the Pacific Institute’s intellectual independence and that “it brings a high level of scientific rigor to its work.” An artist devoted to science, this Renaissance man has helped advance the Institute’s work in numerous ways. And he’s having fun while doing it.

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J. Carl Ganter
Update from Circle of Blue
An Affiliate of the Pacific Institute
The lead contamination scandal that unraveled in Flint over the last two years lifted drinking water safety to the forefront of American public policy. In April, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency pledged to draft a new strategy for working with states, utilities, and local governments on clean drinking water, and that strategy has been released. This week, Circle of Blue reports on the EPA’s national drinking water plan.

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In Brief
Pacific Institute Experts’ Outreach

Drought and Equity in California

Future Outreach

On January 9 and 10, the Pacific Institute and the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water will hold summits in Fresno and Sacramento, California on the effects of the California drought on vulnerable communities across the state. The meetings will bring together members of impacted communities, as well as nonprofit leaders, researchers, and local and state decision-makers to discuss the impacts of California’s prolonged drought on these communities and how to build resilience for the future.
J. D. Cubit

Salton Sea Case Study: How Research Influences Public Policy

Past Outreach

On November 30, Michael Cohen presented at an interactive Salton Sea workshop at the University of California — Irvine.
He discussed the current situation at the Salton Sea and the role of research in influencing government practice and public policy. 

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In the News
Pacific Institute Staff Help Shape Water Debates
The Desert Sun
California Will Use Aerial Images To Sharpen Lens on Water Conservation

Circle of Blue:
 In Water-Scarce Regions Desalination Plants Are Risky Investments

Los Angeles Times: 
The Delta Tunnels – A Project Only Engineers Can Love

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