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World Water Week 2018 and More!
August 2018
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Pacific Institute at World Water Week 2018 in Stockholm
From August 26th-30th, the Pacific Institute will share its water expertise at World Water Week 2018 in Stockholm, in its role as co-secretariat of the United Nations Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate. The CEO Water Mandate is a unique public-private initiative that mobilizes business leaders around the world on water stewardship issues. 

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Featured Op-Ed: Saving Earth: Don’t Fall into Climate Chang Fatalism
By President Emeritus Peter Gleick   


“It’s too late to stop severe climate change — indeed we see it around us,” writes Peter Gleick. “But it is absolutely not too late to slow the rate of climate change, to accelerate the transition away from coal, and then oil, and then natural gas to the diverse and increasingly inexpensive and effective suite of renewable energy options available to us. We can, and must, still act.” 

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Credit: J. Carl Ganter, Circle of Blue
2017 Was Deadliest Year for Environmental Activists
Update from Circle of Blue, an Affiliate of the Pacific Institute

Global Witness, an international human rights and natural resources group, tallied 207 killings of activists in 2017, the most since the group began compiling data in 2002. Killings occurred in 22 countries, primarily in Latin America.

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Visit Circle of Blue’s website here.

Integrating Efficiency into Long-Term Water Demand Forecasting Webinar
On August 23rd, Research Director Heather Cooley and Senior Researcher Sarah Diringer will host a free webcast exploring the findings of a soon-to-be published project on integrating water efficiency into long-term demand forecasting. 

Details: Thursday, Aug 23rd, at 12:00p.m. PST. Learn more here
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California’s Mokelumne River Awarded Wild and Scenic Designation


Earlier this year, at the request of the Foothill Conservancy, Heather Cooley and Sarah Diringer wrote a critique of the local water demand forecast for the Mokelumne River Wild and Scenic Designation. After years of effort, in June the river was finally designated Wild and Scenic status. 

Read “Why California’s New Wild and Scenic River is a Big Deal” from Water Deeply here.

Meet Our Summer Communications Intern Francesca Barco   


Francesca Barco joined the Pacific Institute in July. She assists remotely from China, where she is currently teaching English as a second language, as well as from her home town of Sandrigo, Italy. “I’m particularly interested in the relationship between water and poverty and water and conflict,” she explains. “Ensuring clean water access for all communities is fundamental to building resilience to climate change.”

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Apply for Our Fall Communications Internship


The Pacific Institute is seeking a Communications Intern beginning in September 2018. The intern will enhance our effectiveness by helping to promote our work and tracking our impact.  

Learn more about this opportunity here.

Upcoming Events


August 23: Research Director Heather Cooley and Senior Researcher Sarah Diringer will host a free webcast on integrating water efficiency into long-term demand forecasting. 

August 26-30: Several staff members, including President Jason Morrison, will attend World Water Week 2018 in Stockholm on behalf of the CEO Water Mandate, for which the Pacific Institute is co-secretariat. 

September 9-11: Jason Morrison and Research Associate Cora Kammeyer will participate in a PRI investor California field trip exploring the state’s water issues.    

September 12-14: Jason Morrison and Cora Kammeyer will attend the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. Jason Morrison will present on September 13th.

September 14-15: President Emeritus Peter Gleick will give a keynote speech on water, peace, and conflict at the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Minnesota.

Keep an eye out for more upcoming staff events on our news page. Read the list of Pacific Institute experts’ past outreach here.

In the News
Bloomberg: Survival of North America’s Desert Wetlands Depends on Lake Mead

Go Green Radio: Audubon Urges California to Implement New Salton Sea Funds

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