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The Perils of “Drought Fatigue,” New Advisory Council, and more.
August 2016
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Featured Op-Ed: Drought Fatigue

By Peter Gleick, President Emeritus and Chief Scientist

Amid “drought fatigue,” Peter Gleick challenges California to continue to focus on water conservation and efficiency. “We’re all tired of hearing about drought,” he writes, “but we live in a region where our economy, our communities, and future generations depend on smart water management, not wishful thinking.”

Read the full op-ed here.

San Francisco Bay Area Drought and Equity Summit

Past Outreach

On July 26, the Pacific Institute partnered with the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water and eight community-based organizations to host the San Francisco Bay Area Drought and Equity Summit in Oakland. The summit brought together various stakeholders to discuss the drought’s effects on low-income residents and strategies to mitigate these impacts.

Read more about the event here.

Meet Our Staff: Mai-Lan Ha

Corporate Sustainability Program Senior Research Associate

Mai-Lan Ha has a deep passion for bringing together diverse groups to work toward ensuring all people and ecosystems have the water they need to thrive. She was drawn to the Pacific Institute’s multifaceted approach to solving complicated water issues: “At the end of the day,” she says, “water can only be properly managed to the benefit of people and the environment if everyone involved makes an effort.”

Read the full story here.
New Advisory Council
The Pacific Institute’s work will be bolstered by a new Advisory Council comprised of world renowned experts with knowledge and skills that complement and support the mission and vision of the Institute. Council members will offer advice and insight on the Institute’s strategic direction and serve as ambassadors, among other duties. 

You can find the full list of council members here.


Water Program Director to Join State Urban Advisory Group
Pacific Institute Water Program Director Heather Cooley will serve on the 35-member Urban Advisory Group to help California develop new water use targets for the state’s urban water agencies, as called for in Governor Jerry Brown’s May Executive Order.  

Through these efforts, Cooley will advance water conservation progress achieved during the drought into lasting, meaningful policies that promote water-use efficiency throughout the state. 

Information about the process, including meeting dates, will be posted here.

Update from Circle of Blue
An Affiliate of the Pacific Institute

This month, Circle of Blue reports on algae blooms.

Expansive blooms of toxic algae are poisoning drinking water, closing beaches, and creating oxygen-deprived aquatic “dead zones” around the globe. The blooms represent a growing water quality crisis that could further deteriorate under climate change. 

Read more here
In Brief
Pacific Institute Experts’ Outreach

World Water Day in Stockholm, Sweden

Future Outreach

From August 28-September 2, during World Water Week, the Corporate Sustainability Team, as Co-Secretariat of the CEO Water Mandate, will lead meetings around the topic “Corporate Water Stewardship in Support of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda,” in Stockholm, Sweden. The meetings will explore how businesses around the world can make a meaningful contribution to sustainable development. 

Read more about World Water Week events here

Corporate Water Stewardship

Past Outreach

On July 1 in Johannesburg, South Africa, Corporate Sustainability Program Director and Head of the CEO Water Mandate Jason Morrison provided the keynote speech at a public workshop focusing on corporate water stewardship and the United Nations Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals in South Africa. The workshop was hosted by the CEO Water Mandate and the United Nations Global Compact Network South Africa (managed by the National Business Initiative). 

A summary report of the outcomes of the dialogue will be posted on the CEO Water Mandate website in the coming weeks.

Read the full list of Pacific Institute staff’s past outreach here.
In the News
Pacific Institute Staff Help Shape the Water Debate

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Los Angeles Times: State Is Years Behind on Projects to Protect Wildlife at Salton Sea, Officials and Activists Say

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