Update on the California Drought, Salton Sea Update, and more.
May 2016
  U.S. Department of Agriculture
California Drought: Year Five
Despite a relatively wet winter and spring, the severe California drought continues. The Pacific Institute continues to call on policymakers to enact water efficiency legislation, presenting ideas directly to state regulators as well as to the general public through interviewsop-eds, and bi-weekly drought updates.

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Daniel M. Edwards
Featured Blog Post: Fits and Starts at the Salton Sea
By Michael Cohen, Senior Research Associate
The shrinking California Salton Sea poses significant environmental and public health threats and could cost the region tens of billions of dollars. Funds allocated in the most recent governor’s budget could help restore the state’s largest lake — with enough political will and effort.

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Update from the Circle of Blue
An Affiliate of the Pacific Institute
Circle of Blue’s most recent annual water rates survey results reveal trends reshaping how the nation values — and pays for — water. View the results here.

On May 11, Circle of Blue hosted a virtual national town hall, H2O Catalyst, focused on the national water infrastructure challenge. 

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In Brief
Pacific Institute Experts’ Outreach
America’s Water Infrastructure Crisis
On June 1, President Peter Gleick will meet with the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology in Washington, D.C. to discuss the nation’s water infrastructure crisis.

Read Peter Gleick’s Detroit Free Press March op-ed on the crisis and his suggestion of a Safe Water for Schools program here. 
The Future of Freshwater
On May 24, President Peter Gleick will deliver the keynote speech at the Society for Freshwater Science’s annual meeting in Sacramento, California. His talk will examine the nature of freshwater problems and possible solutions for a sustainable water future. 

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  Daniel M. Edwards

The Salton Sea and the New Normal

Past Outreach

On May 3, Senior Research Associate Michael Cohen presented “The Salton Sea and the New Normal: A Managed Environment in the Context of Prolonged Drought” in a public talk at the University of California Riverside. 

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News and Op-Eds
Pacific Institute Staff Help Shape the Water Debate

Los Angeles Times Op-Ed by Peter Gleick:

Congress is About to Wipe Out Decades of Progress in Sustainable Water Use

Wired: Thanks El NiƱo, But California’s Drought is Probably Forever

Marketplace: To Visualize Climate Change, Think about Water

State Taking Greater Control over Groundwater

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