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The monthly newsletter features the Pacific Institute’s research, publications, news about past and upcoming Institute staff outreach efforts, and media coverage of its work and analysis.

Marchy 2019: In the Spotlight: Stormwater Capture in California, Pacific Institute Studies Explore Benefits of Stormwater, an Under-Utilized Resource, Q&A with Senior Researcher Dr. Laura Feinstein, and More

February 2019: Businesses Can Contribute to Community and Watershed Resilience Through Sustainable Landscapes, Online Mapping Tool: Sustainable Landscapes in California’s Santa Ana River Watershed, Pacific Institute President Jason Morrison Attends 30th UN-Water Meeting in Rome, and More

January 2019: The Water Conflict Chronology: January 2019 Update, The Pacific Institute: A Look Back at 2018, Workshop on “At Risk” Drinking Water Systems in California, and More

December 2018: The Pacific Institute: A Global Water Think Tank, Blog Post: The Fourth National Climate Assessment Has Stark Messages on Water. Here’s What it Means for U.S. Businesses, Water and Sanitation Access in California, and More

November 2018: Upcoming Workshop: Measuring Access to Water and Sanitation in California, Fact Sheet: Water Service Disconnections in California, Q&A with Sarah Diringer: A Multi-Benefits Approach to Water Management, and More

October 2018: Upcoming Live Video: Jason Morrison and Heather Cooley at VERGE 18 Conference and Expo, Blog Post: The Stormwater Opportunity By Research Associate Morgan Shimabuku and Senior Researcher Sarah Diringer, Op-Ed: Hard Lessons at the Salton Sea By Senior Researcher Michael Cohen, and More

September 2018: Measuring Progress Toward Universal Access to Water and Sanitation in California, Water Security, Conflict, and Migration, Integrating Water Efficiency into Long-Term Demand Forecasts, and More

August 2018: Pacific Institute at World Water Week 2018 in Stockholm, Featured Op-Ed: Saving Earth: Don’t Fall into Climate Chang Fatalism, 2017 Was Deadliest Year for Environmental Activists, and More

July 2018: Talking Water at the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, Featured Blog Post: Driving Water Stewardship, How Communities Are Turning Stormwater From a Liability to an Asset, and More

June 2018: New Release: Report on Stormwater Capture Opportunities in California, California Commits to Using Less Water, United Nations SDG 6 Synthesis Report 2018 on Water and Sanitation Released, and More

May 2018: New Update: Water and Global Conflict Through the Centuries, Water Business Day Launched in 2018, Featured Blog Post: The Business Case for Water Stewardship, and More

April 2018: A Survey of Efforts to Achieve Universal Access to Water and Sanitation in California, Stark Global Water Report Triggers New Collaboration Among Global Partnerships, Sarah Diringer Accepted to Women’s Policy Institute, and More

March 2018: The Pacific Institute at World Water Forum 8 in Brazil, World Water Day 2018, Mapping Public Water Management, and More

February 2018: The World’s Water, Volume 9, Water Action Hub 3.0, We Have Seen the Future of Water and It Is Cape Town, and More

January 2018: Progress Through Research and Collaboration in 2017, Status of California’s Salton Sea, Featured Blog Post: Water Stewardship, New Year’s Edition, and More

December 2017: Taking Climate-Friendly Farming to Scale, Why Companies Should Dip Their Toes in Clean Water (and Sanitation): The Private Sector and SDG 6, Employment Opportunity: Pacific Institute Research Associate (2017), and More

November 2017: The Salton Sea: Newly Launched Webpage Offers Daily Updates, Chemical Use Transparency in California Oil and Gas Production, Featured Blog Post: The World’s Water Challenges (2017), and More

October 2017: New Video: Towards a Sustainable Water Future, Celebrating 30 Years of Accomplishments, Blog Post: Why Thinking Local is Critical to Hedging Global Corporate Water Risk, and More

September 2017: Come Celebrate Our 30th Anniversary, Water Stewardship Toolbox Expanded, Meet Our Staff: Laura Feinstein, Updated from Circle of Blue, and More

August 2017: World Water Week in Stockholm, Corporate Engagement on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, Why Go for Desal When California Has Cheaper Options?, and More

July 2017: Water and National U.S. Security, Water Conflicts over the Centuries and Millennia, Make Public Drinking Water Fountains Great Again, and More

June 2017: Save-the-Date: Pacific Institute 30th Anniversary Party, Safe and Affordable Water is a Human Right, Featured Blog Post: Mobile Apps to Quench Your Thirst, and More

May 2017: Water and Global Conflict Through the Centuries, Loss of Hydropower During California’s Five-Year Drought, Meet Our Summer Communications Intern, and More

April 2017: Exploring the Case for Corporate Context-Based Water Targets, Imagine H2O Water Policy + Innovation Summit, Blog Explores Climate and Energy Issues, and More

March 2017: New Release: Drinking Fountains and Public Health, Your Support Funds Solutions on World Water Day, Peter Gleick Awarded Ecological Society of America’s Sustainability Science Award, and More

February 2017: The Oroville Dam Crisis, the State of the Salton Sea, Water Policy in California, and More

January 2017: 2016 Year in Review, New Release: Drought and Equity in California, Featured Op-Ed: Is the Drought Over? Wrong Question!, and More

December 2016: From Scientists to Policymakers, Climate Solutions for a Healthy Planet, Innovative Water Solutions More Important Than Ever, and More

November 2016: Water Strategies for the Next Administration, Salton Sea Update, Informing California Water Management Policy, and More

October 2016: Announcing Our New President, The Cost of Alternative Water Supply and Efficiency Options in California, Meeting Sustainability Goals, and More

September 2016: Feds Pledge to Support Salton Sea, Community Guide for Evaluating Future Urban Water Demand, The Pacific Institute at World Water Week in Stockholm, and More

August 2016: Featured Op-Ed: Drought Fatigue, San Francisco Bay Area Drought and Equity Summit, Meet Our Staff: Mai-Lan Ha, and More

July 2016: Drought and Equity in the Bay Area, Bottled Water on the Rise in the US, Update from Circle of Blue, and More

June 2016: The California Drought Continues, Update from Circle of Blue, Meet Our Staff, and More

May 2016: Update on the California drought, Circle of Blue’s water rates survey, a blog on the Salton Sea, and More

April 2016: Upcoming Leadership Transition, Accelerating Water Stewardship in California, Free Webinar: Learning from Australia’s Drought, and More

March 2016: California Urban Water Solutions, World Water Day, Lessons for California from Australia’s Decade-Long Drought, and More

February 2016: Hydroelectricity Generation, Risks of Fracking in California, Interactive Database of the World’s River Basins, and More

January 2016: 2015 Year in Review

December 2015: Oil, Food, and Agriculture report, the CEO Water Mandate at COP21, Businesses Focus on California Water Security, and More

October 2015: Sustainable Development Goals and Water Stewardship, Salton Sea Import/Export Plans, and More

September 2015: California’s Net Agricultural Income, Recap from World Water Week, and More

August 2015: Impacts of California’s Drought on Agriculture, New Guide for Bringing Integrity in Water Stewardship Initiatives, and More  

July 2015: Summit on Water Technology and the Drought, Analysis on Fracking in California, and More

June 2015: Amount of water used to, New video series on corporate water stewardship in Asia, and More

May 2015: Water use for California’s key crops, CEO Water Mandate’s meeting at World Water Forum 7, and More

April 2015: Water Use Trends in the United States, Sustainable agriculture and apparel portals, and More

March 2015: Impacts of California’s drought on hydroelectricity, California’s water footprint for energy, and More

February 2015: New Guidelines for Companies on Respecting the Right to Water and Sanitation, Interactive Water Use Map and Table, and More

January 2015: 2014 Year in Review

December 2014: Interactive Map Displays CA’s Residential Water Use, New Discussion Paper on Sufficiency in Water-Related Collective Action, and More

November 2014:  Insights into California’s Recently Passed Water Bond, Highlights from U.S. Water Policy Conference, and More

October 2014: Double Your Dollars for the Drought, Framework for Disclosing Corporate Water Management Practices, and More

September 2014: Deterioration of Salton Sea Results in Huge Costs, Report Back from Stockholm World Water Week, and More

August 2014: Benefits of Water Efficiency for California Agriculture, the Past and Future of California’s Water, and More

July 2014: Drought Site, Water Footprint, Community Resilience, Collective Action on Water, and More

June 2014: Drought Solutions and Factsheets, Role of Business in Sustainable Water Management, and More

May 2014:  Peace Development Strategy for Oakland, Corporate Water Meetings in Peru, and More

April 2014: US Businesses and Water Challenges, Update on the California Drought, and More

March 2014: Gleick Testifies on Urban Water Efficiency, New California Drought Website, WASH Project to Scale, Heather Cooley Appointed Water Program Director, and More

February 2014: World’s Water Vol. 8 Released, 2014 Farm Water Steward Award, New Drought Website, CEO Water Mandate Actively Shaping Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda, and More

January 2014: 2013 Year in Review

December 2013: Applying Energy Efficiency Strategies to Water, Marine Impacts of Seawater Desalination in California, Stable and Sustainable Water Financing Options in California, and More.

November 2013: Pacific Institute Launches Impact Fund, Irrigated Agriculture in the Colorado River Basin, Workshop Links Spanish-Speaking Residents to Community Health Resources, and More

October 2013: Guide to Water-Related Collective Action, River-Friendly Landscaping Calculator, UN Global Compact Leaders Summit, and More

September 2013: Electricity Pricing Practices, Water-Energy Synergies, Assessing Water Affordability, and More

August 2013: Global Water Governance, Fair Hiring Policies, CEO Water Mandate Survey, and More

July 2013: Popular Education Training Workshops, Board Member Recognized by White House, New Appointments to SF Bay Regional Water Board, and More

June 2013:  California Water Rates, Revised Curriculum Guide for Freight Transport Justice, Irrigated Agriculture in the Colorado River Basin, and More

May 2013: Colorado River Basin Water Saving Potential in Ag, Energy Costs’ Impact of Desalination, Climate Change Survivor, and More

April 2013: Lifetime Achievement Award, Water Action Hub, Climate Change Resilience Workshops, and More

March 2013: Sustainable Water Jobs, CEO Water Mandate Meetings in Mumbai, Global Sanitation, and More

February 2013: Water Rates, Safe Return, Science Blogs, Water Conservation, and More

January 2013: 2012 Year in Review – Lead-in to a Vibrant 2013

December 2012: Desalination Financing Report, New Sustainability Standards Websites, California’s Water Footprint, and More

November 2012: WeTap, Celebrating 25 Years, CEO Water Mandate Convenes in S. Africa, Ag Water Supply, and More

October 2012: Partners in Conservation Award, Water Rates Presentations, Safe Return Project, Corporate Water Policy, and More

September 2012: Corporate Water Disclosure, Water Action Hub, Urban Water Demand Tool, Oakland Climate Adaptation, and More

August 2012: Climate Change Vulnerability, Desal, Water-Energy Simulator, Indonesia Water SMS, and More

July 2012: New Fracking Report, CEOs Deliver Communiqué at Rio+20, Circle of Blue Receives Award, and More

June 2012: Water Risks from Conflict, Water Rates Survey, Safe Return Project, Dry Colorado River Year, Mapping, and More

May 2012: Mobile Phones to Improve Water Access for Poor; New Model to Evaluate Urban Water Efficiency; Community Choices Tool Tested in Ghana, and More

April 2012: Multiple-Use Water Services, Cadiz and Groundwater Protection, Farm Water Steward Award, and More

March 2012: New Ag Water Regulation, Water-related Collective Action, Water SMS System, and More

February 2012: Pacific Institute February Update: Standing Up to Editorial Bias, Agricultural Water Savings, Desalination, and More

January 2012: 2011 Year in Review – Momentum into Our 25th Year

December 2011: Two New Reports on Urban Environments and Health, Farm Water Success Stories, CEO Water Mandate, Congressional Testimony, and More

November 2011: Water for Energy; Video Briefs from The World’s Water Book Launch; the Water, Energy, and Food Security Puzzle; and More

October 18, 2011: Pacific Institute Releases New Volume of The World’s Water

October 2011: Ven Te Chow Award, World’s Water 7, Rebuilding Water Systems, and More

September 2011: World Water Week, Green Jobs, Fracking Mess, Peak Water Concepts, and More

August 2011: Safe Return Project, Partnership with Indonesian Water Utilities, CEO Water Mandate in Asia, Climate Change Impacts, and More

July 2011: Colorado River Basin, Drought and Climate Op-Eds, Community Strategies Workshops, AWS, and More

June 2011: Drought Impacts, Reducing Diesel Exposure, Learning Session in Ghana, CEO Water Mandate, Notes from the Field, and More

May 2011: Water Fountain Smartphone Application, Extreme Weather, New Water Tool, and More

April 2011: Nitrate-contaminated Drinking Water, Notes from the Field, Community Mapping in Texas, and More

March 2011: World Water Day, U.S. Water Prize, Mobile Phone Water Mapping, CEO Water Mandate, and More

February 2011: Water Management in India, CEO Water Mandate Summary, Community Mapping, Nitrate Study, Cherry-picking Data, and More

January 2011: Year in Review – Pacific Institute Moves into 2011

December 2010: Water and Business, Greywater Reuse, Climate Change Testimony and More

November 2010: Freight Transport Justice, the Human Right to Water and More

October 2010: Call to Freshwater Action, World Water Week in Stockholm, Reentry Project for Formerly Incarcerated and More

September 2010: Saving a Million Acre-Feet of Water, Funding Grows Farm Water Success Stories Project and More

August 2010: WECalc, Water Bond Report, Climate/Land-use Planning, Cooley Named Co-director, and More

July 2010: Water Bond, Business Engagement with Water Policy, Reducing Freight Diesel Pollution, and More

June 2010: Nitrate Contamination, Peak Water, $180,00 for Water in Africa, Media Covers Climate Science Integrity, Support for Water Library, Bottled and Sold, CEO Water Mandate

May 2010: New Book on Bottled Water, Foundations for Change Honors Garzon, CEO Water Mandate, Climate Science Integrity Defended

April 2010: Water Quality Solutions, Business Water Accounting, World Water Day, and More

February/March 2010: Farm Water Success Stories, Testimony on Water Savings, Climate Change and Transboundary Water, and More

January 2010: Year in Review – Momentum into 2010

December 2009: WASH Tool, Corporate Water Reporting, Climate Change Adaptation, and More

November 2009: U.S. Per Capita Water Use Declines and More

October 2009: CARB Needs Stricter Emission Regulations, and More

September 2009: CEO Water Mandate Convenes, Cadiz EIR, and More

August 2009: Cal Ag Report, World Water Week, and More

July 2009: Public Comment Open on Business Engagement in Public Policy, and More

June 2009: New Report, Impacts of Climate Change on Ag, and More

May 2009: Institute Honored by Interior Secretary, Joins Ag Water Council, and More

April 2009: Increasing Water Security in India, World Water Forum, and more

March 2009: Sea-Level Rise Impacts, Water Scarcity: Hidden Business Risks, and More

February 2009: February 2009 Update:New Report on Health Costs and Port Trucking, World Economic Forum, and More

2008 Year in Review

November 2008: Farm Tour, Perchlorate in Drinking Water, Yuma Desalting Plant, and More

October 2008: Chevron’s Tax Revenue, Recommendations for Next President, and More

September 2008: Agricultural Water Efficiency, CEO Water Mandate, Parks Survey Results

August 2008: Rally at the Port of Oakland, Youth Park Surveys, Upcoming Report, and More

July 2008: Congressional Testimony, Community Forum, Anti-Idling Day, and More

June 2008: CEO Water Mandate, Anti-Idling Day, Bioenergy Report, and More

May 2008: Human Right To Water, WASH Report, and More

April 2008: Spring Cleaning: River and Air

March 2008: Trucks to Trains, Updated Chronology, Salton Sea Bill, and More

February 2008: For Love of Water

January 2008: New Year, New Case Study, New(s) letter

2007 Year in Review

December 2007: Freshwater From Atlanta to Vegas, EJ Win, and More

November 2007: Oasis in Vegas, Awards All Around, Institute Hiring and More

October 2007: New Commissioner, New Report, New Opportunity, and More

September 2007: 20th Anniversary, Water Is Key, and More

August 2007: Cool Clear Water Kickoff, Bottled Water & Energy, Research on Tuolumne, and the Aspen Ideas Festival

July 2007: Cool Clear Water, Newly Available Research, CSR Collaboration and WOEIP’s New Office

June 2007: Hummer vs. Prius, Fish and Whales, Salton Sea Restoration, and D.C.’s Cherry-picked data

May 2007: Freeway Collapse, Corporate Water Reporting, More

April 2007: World Water Day; YouTube does Diesel; Tap Is the New Bottled; Cherry-Picking in DC

March 2007: Desal on YouTube; Calif. Water; EJ in the Bay

February 2007: Salton Sea, CSR Survey, Water Setbacks & more

January 2007: Scientific Integrity; PBS Special; EPA Award

2006 Year in Review

December 2006: World’s Water turns 10; Attacks on Science; Career Opportunities

November 2006: The World’s Water 2006-2007; Salton Sea; Job Opportunities

October 2006: Institute Welcomes New Program Director;
FRP, CSR, & NGOs; More!

September 2006: Freight Transport, Water in the News

August 2006: Heatwaves & Climate, Sustainable Business

July 2006: Desalination, NGO Corporate Engagement, Water Risks

June 2006: Salton Sea, CSR, Career Opportunity

May 2006: Water Bill Advances, Exploring International Standards

April 2006: World Water Forum, NGOs and ISO

March 2006: Scientific Integrity Initiative, Blog; No Love for New Dams

February 2006: Institute’s Mixed Emotions for Water Plan; Gandhi’s Legacy, Year in Review

January 2006: Institute helps water planners get ‘Beyond Privatization,’ Palaniappan in India, Commendations

2005 Year-in-Review In 2005, the Pacific Institute tackled problems of state, national, and international water resources; environmental justice in the San Francisco Bay Area; and corporate accountability and international standardization. To this end, the Institute released eight reports and white papers in 2005, and Institute staff were recognized with awards and appointments.

December 2005: Institute helps reinvent Globalization, advocates Colorado River monitoring, launches indoor air research in Oakland

November 2005: Institute Idling Action, Gleick – Twice a Fellow, Palaniappan Good for Goods Movement

October 2005: Institute Not Sitting “Idle” on Diesel, Helps Reroute West Oakland Trucks, and Welcomes Research Associate

September 2005: Institute releases “California Water 2030: An Efficient Future,” Diesel Dos and Don’ts, New Communications Director

August 2005: Diesel Report Gains Traction, Morrison Wins Award, New INNI Newsletter, New Gleick Column on ENN

July 2005: New Report Charts Diesel Pollution Solutions, Institute Works on Efficient California Water Scenario, Wolff to tour Australia

June 2005: World Enviro Day Kicks Off, Health Advocates Lobby California Lawmakers, Gleick Column Finds Hybrids are Fun

May 2005: World Enviro Day Workshop Looks at Water, Gleick Helps California Climate Bill, West County Diesel Work Update

April 2005: Institute Applauds U.N. Water Decade, Wolff Appointed to Regional Board, 1st Quarter Media Round-up

March 2005: Essay Critiques Federal Water Subsidies, Oakland Work Gain Speed, Morrison Named to New NGO Post

February 2005: New Report Details Win-Win Farm Policy, Diesel Work Update, Clean Water Cuts

January 2005: Gleick Essay on Tsunami Disaster runs in San Francisco Chronicle, Draft International Standards Now Online

December 2004: The World’s Water Released; Water to Air Models Online; PI Responds to CFWC

November 2004: World Water Release Set for 11/17, Diesel Conference a Success, ISO Participation Report Available

October 2004: San Francisco Climate Plan Taps PI Research

September 2004: Two New Reports on Water and Energy and the Business Risks of Water.

August 2004: Institute Backs Stronger Controls on Diesel.

July 2004: Pacific Institute Launches New Web site, West Oakland Health Survey Seeks Volunteers

June 2004: Gleick Debates Privatization, Indicators Project Moves to New Home

May 2004: PI Launches New Sustainable Water Project, New W. Oakland Work, Grant info

April 2004: Using EMSs, Web Post of SF Bay Sea Level Report, EIP Leader Wins Award

March 2004: New USGS Data Shows Efficiency Works, EIP Moves to Richmond

February 2004: Projects 2004 Looks Forward to New and Continuing Work

January 2004: Rewind 2003 Looks Back at Highlights of a Busy Year

December 2003: New Reports: CA Can Cut Water Use by 1/3, W. Oakland Breathes Diesel

November 2003: Water Privatization Ruling Wake Up Call, W. Oakland Meets for Clean Air

October 2003: Gleick Wins MacArthur Prize; Urban Usage, Diesel Study Near Release

September 2003: Morrison Wins Chair, Richmond Looks at Flares, Water-Conflict Update

August 2003: Economist Quotes PI, Training Helps Richmond, Water & Energy Grant

July 2003: Smart Sprinklers, Oakland Counts Trucks, EJ Coalition Hires Director

June 2003: Gleick to DC Redux, PI Holds Workshop, Researcher Wins New Award

May 2003: Gleick to DC, Value of Water Paper Online, Grant for Water and Conflict

April 2003: Polluter Closes, Kyoto Wrap Up, PI Calls for Nat’l Water Commission

March 2003: 15th Anniv Report, Researchers Win Award, Water Words in Malawi

February 2003: Water and Climate Bibliography, Kyoto, Privatization in Stockton

January 2003: 2003 Focus on Water, Diesel Coordinator Joins PI, Annual Report Update

December 2002: Human Right to Water, MSWG in Sacto, Reducing Conflict in Tblisi

November 2002: PI Celebrates 15, One-Sided Privatization in Stockton, PI in the News

October 2002: Diesel Study in Oakland, Cadiz Delayed, Open House Info Online

September 2002: Jo-berg Wrap Up, Washing Machine Victory, PI Turns 15!

August 2002: World Water in DC, Warming Threatens Military, Jo-berg Info Online

July 2002: Book Release in DC, ISO Begins Water Work, Outreach for June

June 2002: Fire and Water, Global Water Issues, Upcoming Events