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The monthly newsletter features the Pacific Institute’s research, publications, news about past and upcoming Institute staff outreach efforts, and media coverage of its work and analysis.

March 2018: The Pacific Institute at World Water Forum 8 in Brazil, World Water Day 2018, Mapping Public Water Management, and More

February 2018: The World’s Water, Volume 9, Water Action Hub 3.0, We Have Seen the Future of Water and It Is Cape Town, and More

January 2018: Progress Through Research and Collaboration in 2017, Status of California’s Salton Sea, Featured Blog Post: Water Stewardship, New Year’s Edition, and More

December 2017: Taking Climate-Friendly Farming to Scale, Why Companies Should Dip Their Toes in Clean Water (and Sanitation): The Private Sector and SDG 6, Employment Opportunity: Pacific Institute Research Associate (2017), and More

November 2017: The Salton Sea: Newly Launched Webpage Offers Daily Updates, Chemical Use Transparency in California Oil and Gas Production, Featured Blog Post: The World’s Water Challenges (2017), and More

October 2017: New Video: Towards a Sustainable Water Future, Celebrating 30 Years of Accomplishments, Blog Post: Why Thinking Local is Critical to Hedging Global Corporate Water Risk, and More

September 2017: Come Celebrate Our 30th Anniversary, Water Stewardship Toolbox Expanded, Meet Our Staff: Laura Feinstein, Updated from Circle of Blue, and More

August 2017: World Water Week in Stockholm, Corporate Engagement on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, Why Go for Desal When California Has Cheaper Options?, and More

July 2017: Water and National U.S. Security, Water Conflicts over the Centuries and Millennia, Make Public Drinking Water Fountains Great Again, and More

June 2017: Save-the-Date: Pacific Institute 30th Anniversary Party, Safe and Affordable Water is a Human Right, Featured Blog Post: Mobile Apps to Quench Your Thirst, and More

May 2017: Water and Global Conflict Through the Centuries, Loss of Hydropower During California’s Five-Year Drought, Meet Our Summer Communications Intern, and More

April 2017: Exploring the Case for Corporate Context-Based Water Targets, Imagine H2O Water Policy + Innovation Summit, Blog Explores Climate and Energy Issues, and More

March 2017: New Release: Drinking Fountains and Public Health, Your Support Funds Solutions on World Water Day, Peter Gleick Awarded Ecological Society of America’s Sustainability Science Award, and More

February 2017: The Oroville Dam Crisis, the State of the Salton Sea, Water Policy in California, and More

January 2017: 2016 Year in Review, New Release: Drought and Equity in California, Featured Op-Ed: Is the Drought Over? Wrong Question!, and More

December 2016: From Scientists to Policymakers, Climate Solutions for a Healthy Planet, Innovative Water Solutions More Important Than Ever, and More

November 2016: Water Strategies for the Next Administration, Salton Sea Update, Informing California Water Management Policy, and More

October 2016: Announcing Our New President, The Cost of Alternative Water Supply and Efficiency Options in California, Meeting Sustainability Goals, and More

September 2016: Feds Pledge to Support Salton Sea, Community Guide for Evaluating Future Urban Water Demand, The Pacific Institute at World Water Week in Stockholm, and More

August 2016: Featured Op-Ed: Drought Fatigue, San Francisco Bay Area Drought and Equity Summit, Meet Our Staff: Mai-Lan Ha, and More

July 2016: Drought and Equity in the Bay Area, Bottled Water on the Rise in the US, Update from Circle of Blue, and More

June 2016: The California Drought Continues, Update from Circle of Blue, Meet Our Staff, and More

May 2016: Update on the California drought, Circle of Blue’s water rates survey, a blog on the Salton Sea, and More

April 2016: Upcoming Leadership Transition, Accelerating Water Stewardship in California, Free Webinar: Learning from Australia’s Drought, and More

March 2016: California Urban Water Solutions, World Water Day, Lessons for California from Australia’s Decade-Long Drought, and More

February 2016: Hydroelectricity Generation, Risks of Fracking in California, Interactive Database of the World’s River Basins, and More

January 2016: 2015 Year in Review

December 2015: Oil, Food, and Agriculture report, the CEO Water Mandate at COP21, Businesses Focus on California Water Security, and More

October 2015: Sustainable Development Goals and Water Stewardship, Salton Sea Import/Export Plans, and More

September 2015: California’s Net Agricultural Income, Recap from World Water Week, and More

August 2015: Impacts of California’s Drought on Agriculture, New Guide for Bringing Integrity in Water Stewardship Initiatives, and More  

July 2015: Summit on Water Technology and the Drought, Analysis on Fracking in California, and More

June 2015: Amount of water used to, New video series on corporate water stewardship in Asia, and More

May 2015: Water use for California’s key crops, CEO Water Mandate’s meeting at World Water Forum 7, and More

April 2015: Water Use Trends in the United States, Sustainable agriculture and apparel portals, and More

March 2015: Impacts of California’s drought on hydroelectricity, California’s water footprint for energy, and More

February 2015: New Guidelines for Companies on Respecting the Right to Water and Sanitation, Interactive Water Use Map and Table, and More

January 2015: 2014 Year in Review

December 2014: Interactive Map Displays CA’s Residential Water Use, New Discussion Paper on Sufficiency in Water-Related Collective Action, and More

November 2014:  Insights into California’s Recently Passed Water Bond, Highlights from U.S. Water Policy Conference, and More

October 2014: Double Your Dollars for the Drought, Framework for Disclosing Corporate Water Management Practices, and More

September 2014: Deterioration of Salton Sea Results in Huge Costs, Report Back from Stockholm World Water Week, and More

August 2014: Benefits of Water Efficiency for California Agriculture, the Past and Future of California’s Water, and More

July 2014: Drought Site, Water Footprint, Community Resilience, Collective Action on Water, and More

June 2014: Drought Solutions and Factsheets, Role of Business in Sustainable Water Management, and More

May 2014:  Peace Development Strategy for Oakland, Corporate Water Meetings in Peru, and More

April 2014: US Businesses and Water Challenges, Update on the California Drought, and More

March 2014: Gleick Testifies on Urban Water Efficiency, New California Drought Website, WASH Project to Scale, Heather Cooley Appointed Water Program Director, and More

February 2014: World’s Water Vol. 8 Released, 2014 Farm Water Steward Award, New Drought Website, CEO Water Mandate Actively Shaping Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda, and More

January 2014: 2013 Year in Review

December 2013: Applying Energy Efficiency Strategies to Water, Marine Impacts of Seawater Desalination in California, Stable and Sustainable Water Financing Options in California, and More.

November 2013: Pacific Institute Launches Impact Fund, Irrigated Agriculture in the Colorado River Basin, Workshop Links Spanish-Speaking Residents to Community Health Resources, and More

October 2013: Guide to Water-Related Collective Action, River-Friendly Landscaping Calculator, UN Global Compact Leaders Summit, and More

September 2013: Electricity Pricing Practices, Water-Energy Synergies, Assessing Water Affordability, and More

August 2013: Global Water Governance, Fair Hiring Policies, CEO Water Mandate Survey, and More

July 2013: Popular Education Training Workshops, Board Member Recognized by White House, New Appointments to SF Bay Regional Water Board, and More

June 2013:  California Water Rates, Revised Curriculum Guide for Freight Transport Justice, Irrigated Agriculture in the Colorado River Basin, and More

May 2013: Colorado River Basin Water Saving Potential in Ag, Energy Costs’ Impact of Desalination, Climate Change Survivor, and More

April 2013: Lifetime Achievement Award, Water Action Hub, Climate Change Resilience Workshops, and More

March 2013: Sustainable Water Jobs, CEO Water Mandate Meetings in Mumbai, Global Sanitation, and More

February 2013: Water Rates, Safe Return, Science Blogs, Water Conservation, and More

January 2013: 2012 Year in Review – Lead-in to a Vibrant 2013

December 2012: Desalination Financing Report, New Sustainability Standards Websites, California’s Water Footprint, and More

November 2012: WeTap, Celebrating 25 Years, CEO Water Mandate Convenes in S. Africa, Ag Water Supply, and More

October 2012: Partners in Conservation Award, Water Rates Presentations, Safe Return Project, Corporate Water Policy, and More

September 2012: Corporate Water Disclosure, Water Action Hub, Urban Water Demand Tool, Oakland Climate Adaptation, and More

August 2012: Climate Change Vulnerability, Desal, Water-Energy Simulator, Indonesia Water SMS, and More

July 2012: New Fracking Report, CEOs Deliver Communiqué at Rio+20, Circle of Blue Receives Award, and More

June 2012: Water Risks from Conflict, Water Rates Survey, Safe Return Project, Dry Colorado River Year, Mapping, and More

May 2012: Mobile Phones to Improve Water Access for Poor; New Model to Evaluate Urban Water Efficiency; Community Choices Tool Tested in Ghana, and More

April 2012: Multiple-Use Water Services, Cadiz and Groundwater Protection, Farm Water Steward Award, and More

March 2012: New Ag Water Regulation, Water-related Collective Action, Water SMS System, and More

February 2012: Pacific Institute February Update: Standing Up to Editorial Bias, Agricultural Water Savings, Desalination, and More

January 2012: 2011 Year in Review – Momentum into Our 25th Year

December 2011: Two New Reports on Urban Environments and Health, Farm Water Success Stories, CEO Water Mandate, Congressional Testimony, and More

November 2011: Water for Energy; Video Briefs from The World’s Water Book Launch; the Water, Energy, and Food Security Puzzle; and More

October 18, 2011: Pacific Institute Releases New Volume of The World’s Water

October 2011: Ven Te Chow Award, World’s Water 7, Rebuilding Water Systems, and More

September 2011: World Water Week, Green Jobs, Fracking Mess, Peak Water Concepts, and More

August 2011: Safe Return Project, Partnership with Indonesian Water Utilities, CEO Water Mandate in Asia, Climate Change Impacts, and More

July 2011: Colorado River Basin, Drought and Climate Op-Eds, Community Strategies Workshops, AWS, and More

June 2011: Drought Impacts, Reducing Diesel Exposure, Learning Session in Ghana, CEO Water Mandate, Notes from the Field, and More

May 2011: Water Fountain Smartphone Application, Extreme Weather, New Water Tool, and More

April 2011: Nitrate-contaminated Drinking Water, Notes from the Field, Community Mapping in Texas, and More

March 2011: World Water Day, U.S. Water Prize, Mobile Phone Water Mapping, CEO Water Mandate, and More

February 2011: Water Management in India, CEO Water Mandate Summary, Community Mapping, Nitrate Study, Cherry-picking Data, and More

January 2011: Year in Review – Pacific Institute Moves into 2011

December 2010: Water and Business, Greywater Reuse, Climate Change Testimony and More

November 2010: Freight Transport Justice, the Human Right to Water and More

October 2010: Call to Freshwater Action, World Water Week in Stockholm, Reentry Project for Formerly Incarcerated and More

September 2010: Saving a Million Acre-Feet of Water, Funding Grows Farm Water Success Stories Project and More

August 2010: WECalc, Water Bond Report, Climate/Land-use Planning, Cooley Named Co-director, and More

July 2010: Water Bond, Business Engagement with Water Policy, Reducing Freight Diesel Pollution, and More

June 2010: Nitrate Contamination, Peak Water, $180,00 for Water in Africa, Media Covers Climate Science Integrity, Support for Water Library, Bottled and Sold, CEO Water Mandate

May 2010: New Book on Bottled Water, Foundations for Change Honors Garzon, CEO Water Mandate, Climate Science Integrity Defended

April 2010: Water Quality Solutions, Business Water Accounting, World Water Day, and More

February/March 2010: Farm Water Success Stories, Testimony on Water Savings, Climate Change and Transboundary Water, and More

January 2010: Year in Review – Momentum into 2010

December 2009: WASH Tool, Corporate Water Reporting, Climate Change Adaptation, and More

November 2009: U.S. Per Capita Water Use Declines and More

October 2009: CARB Needs Stricter Emission Regulations, and More

September 2009: CEO Water Mandate Convenes, Cadiz EIR, and More

August 2009: Cal Ag Report, World Water Week, and More

July 2009: Public Comment Open on Business Engagement in Public Policy, and More

June 2009: New Report, Impacts of Climate Change on Ag, and More

May 2009: Institute Honored by Interior Secretary, Joins Ag Water Council, and More

April 2009: Increasing Water Security in India, World Water Forum, and more

March 2009: Sea-Level Rise Impacts, Water Scarcity: Hidden Business Risks, and More

February 2009: February 2009 Update:New Report on Health Costs and Port Trucking, World Economic Forum, and More

2008 Year in Review

November 2008: Farm Tour, Perchlorate in Drinking Water, Yuma Desalting Plant, and More

October 2008: Chevron’s Tax Revenue, Recommendations for Next President, and More

September 2008: Agricultural Water Efficiency, CEO Water Mandate, Parks Survey Results

August 2008: Rally at the Port of Oakland, Youth Park Surveys, Upcoming Report, and More

July 2008: Congressional Testimony, Community Forum, Anti-Idling Day, and More

June 2008: CEO Water Mandate, Anti-Idling Day, Bioenergy Report, and More

May 2008: Human Right To Water, WASH Report, and More

April 2008: Spring Cleaning: River and Air

March 2008: Trucks to Trains, Updated Chronology, Salton Sea Bill, and More

February 2008: For Love of Water

January 2008: New Year, New Case Study, New(s) letter

2007 Year in Review

December 2007: Freshwater From Atlanta to Vegas, EJ Win, and More

November 2007: Oasis in Vegas, Awards All Around, Institute Hiring and More

October 2007: New Commissioner, New Report, New Opportunity, and More

September 2007: 20th Anniversary, Water Is Key, and More

August 2007: Cool Clear Water Kickoff, Bottled Water & Energy, Research on Tuolumne, and the Aspen Ideas Festival

July 2007: Cool Clear Water, Newly Available Research, CSR Collaboration and WOEIP’s New Office

June 2007: Hummer vs. Prius, Fish and Whales, Salton Sea Restoration, and D.C.’s Cherry-picked data

May 2007: Freeway Collapse, Corporate Water Reporting, More

April 2007: World Water Day; YouTube does Diesel; Tap Is the New Bottled; Cherry-Picking in DC

March 2007: Desal on YouTube; Calif. Water; EJ in the Bay

February 2007: Salton Sea, CSR Survey, Water Setbacks & more

January 2007: Scientific Integrity; PBS Special; EPA Award

2006 Year in Review

December 2006: World’s Water turns 10; Attacks on Science; Career Opportunities

November 2006: The World’s Water 2006-2007; Salton Sea; Job Opportunities

October 2006: Institute Welcomes New Program Director;
FRP, CSR, & NGOs; More!

September 2006: Freight Transport, Water in the News

August 2006: Heatwaves & Climate, Sustainable Business

July 2006: Desalination, NGO Corporate Engagement, Water Risks

June 2006: Salton Sea, CSR, Career Opportunity

May 2006: Water Bill Advances, Exploring International Standards

April 2006: World Water Forum, NGOs and ISO

March 2006: Scientific Integrity Initiative, Blog; No Love for New Dams

February 2006: Institute’s Mixed Emotions for Water Plan; Gandhi’s Legacy, Year in Review

January 2006: Institute helps water planners get ‘Beyond Privatization,’ Palaniappan in India, Commendations

2005 Year-in-Review In 2005, the Pacific Institute tackled problems of state, national, and international water resources; environmental justice in the San Francisco Bay Area; and corporate accountability and international standardization. To this end, the Institute released eight reports and white papers in 2005, and Institute staff were recognized with awards and appointments.

December 2005: Institute helps reinvent Globalization, advocates Colorado River monitoring, launches indoor air research in Oakland

November 2005: Institute Idling Action, Gleick – Twice a Fellow, Palaniappan Good for Goods Movement

October 2005: Institute Not Sitting “Idle” on Diesel, Helps Reroute West Oakland Trucks, and Welcomes Research Associate

September 2005: Institute releases “California Water 2030: An Efficient Future,” Diesel Dos and Don’ts, New Communications Director

August 2005: Diesel Report Gains Traction, Morrison Wins Award, New INNI Newsletter, New Gleick Column on ENN

July 2005: New Report Charts Diesel Pollution Solutions, Institute Works on Efficient California Water Scenario, Wolff to tour Australia

June 2005: World Enviro Day Kicks Off, Health Advocates Lobby California Lawmakers, Gleick Column Finds Hybrids are Fun

May 2005: World Enviro Day Workshop Looks at Water, Gleick Helps California Climate Bill, West County Diesel Work Update

April 2005: Institute Applauds U.N. Water Decade, Wolff Appointed to Regional Board, 1st Quarter Media Round-up

March 2005: Essay Critiques Federal Water Subsidies, Oakland Work Gain Speed, Morrison Named to New NGO Post

February 2005: New Report Details Win-Win Farm Policy, Diesel Work Update, Clean Water Cuts

January 2005: Gleick Essay on Tsunami Disaster runs in San Francisco Chronicle, Draft International Standards Now Online

December 2004: The World’s Water Released; Water to Air Models Online; PI Responds to CFWC

November 2004: World Water Release Set for 11/17, Diesel Conference a Success, ISO Participation Report Available

October 2004: San Francisco Climate Plan Taps PI Research

September 2004: Two New Reports on Water and Energy and the Business Risks of Water.

August 2004: Institute Backs Stronger Controls on Diesel.

July 2004: Pacific Institute Launches New Web site, West Oakland Health Survey Seeks Volunteers

June 2004: Gleick Debates Privatization, Indicators Project Moves to New Home

May 2004: PI Launches New Sustainable Water Project, New W. Oakland Work, Grant info

April 2004: Using EMSs, Web Post of SF Bay Sea Level Report, EIP Leader Wins Award

March 2004: New USGS Data Shows Efficiency Works, EIP Moves to Richmond

February 2004: Projects 2004 Looks Forward to New and Continuing Work

January 2004: Rewind 2003 Looks Back at Highlights of a Busy Year

December 2003: New Reports: CA Can Cut Water Use by 1/3, W. Oakland Breathes Diesel

November 2003: Water Privatization Ruling Wake Up Call, W. Oakland Meets for Clean Air

October 2003: Gleick Wins MacArthur Prize; Urban Usage, Diesel Study Near Release

September 2003: Morrison Wins Chair, Richmond Looks at Flares, Water-Conflict Update

August 2003: Economist Quotes PI, Training Helps Richmond, Water & Energy Grant

July 2003: Smart Sprinklers, Oakland Counts Trucks, EJ Coalition Hires Director

June 2003: Gleick to DC Redux, PI Holds Workshop, Researcher Wins New Award

May 2003: Gleick to DC, Value of Water Paper Online, Grant for Water and Conflict

April 2003: Polluter Closes, Kyoto Wrap Up, PI Calls for Nat’l Water Commission

March 2003: 15th Anniv Report, Researchers Win Award, Water Words in Malawi

February 2003: Water and Climate Bibliography, Kyoto, Privatization in Stockton

January 2003: 2003 Focus on Water, Diesel Coordinator Joins PI, Annual Report Update

December 2002: Human Right to Water, MSWG in Sacto, Reducing Conflict in Tblisi

November 2002: PI Celebrates 15, One-Sided Privatization in Stockton, PI in the News

October 2002: Diesel Study in Oakland, Cadiz Delayed, Open House Info Online

September 2002: Jo-berg Wrap Up, Washing Machine Victory, PI Turns 15!

August 2002: World Water in DC, Warming Threatens Military, Jo-berg Info Online

July 2002: Book Release in DC, ISO Begins Water Work, Outreach for June

June 2002: Fire and Water, Global Water Issues, Upcoming Events