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Water and Conflict

  • Water, Security, and Conflict

    Published: August 2018 Authors: Peter Gleick and Charles Iceland Pages: 16 This issue brief summarizes the current understanding of water and security threats and their links to conflict, migration, and food insecurity. The authors...»

  • The World’s Water, Vol. 8

    The newest volume in this highly regarded series, The World’s Water, vol. 8 features chapters on hydraulic fracturing (fracking), water footprints, sustainable water jobs, and desalination financing, among other timely issues. Water briefs provide...»

  • Global Water Governance in the 21st Century

    Global Water Governance in the 21st Century

    Growing pressure on global water resources is having major impacts on our social, economic, and environmental well-being. But despite growing recognition that the world’s water-related challenges extend beyond national and regional boundaries, there has...»

  • A Twenty-First Century U.S. Water Policy

    In the new book A Twenty-First Century U.S. Water Policy, published by Oxford University Press, Pacific Institute researchers present clear and readable analysis and recommendations for a new federal water policy to confront our...»

  • Water as a Casualty of Conflict: Threats to Business and Society in High-Risk Areas

    While much research has been produced in recent years on how water use and pollution can exacerbate conflict, a new report focuses more broadly on the ways conflict and high-risk situations can affect water...»

  • Framework for Responsible Business Engagement with Water Policy

    Access to water is an important strategic concern for many companies, but increased threats to the supply, quality, and reliability of global water resources add substantial pressure and immediacy for businesses to improve the...»

  • Climate Change and Transboundary Waters

    Global climate change will increase the risk of conflict over shared international freshwater resources. Treaties and other cross-border agreements can help reduce those risks, but existing agreements are inadequate for dealing with the impacts...»

  • Water: Threats and Opportunities– Recommendations for the Next President

    Ongoing severe drought afflicts farmers and communities in California, the southeastern states, Texas, and elsewhere. Water restrictions are being imposed to try to save water. Climate changes are altering water availability and quality. The...»

  • A Review of Decision-Making Support Tools in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Sector

    While more than a billion people lack safe water and 2.6 billion lack access to sanitation worldwide, numerous technologies and approaches already exist to provide access to clean water, safe sanitation, and hygiene education....»

  • Hidden Oasis: Water Conservation and Efficiency in Las Vegas

    Two of the West’s preeminent water organizations report Las Vegas Valley is sitting on an oasis of water and money savings. In their new report, the Pacific Institute and Western Resource Advocates find up...»

  • The Human Right to Water

    More than a billion people lack access to safe drinking water. Two and a half billion people live without access to adequate sanitation systems necessary to reduce exposure to water-related diseases. The failure of...»

  • The World’s Water: 2006-2007

    In The World’s Water 2006-2007, Pacific Institute President and series editor Peter Gleick convened Pacific Institute staff and others in presenting the fifth edition, covering some of the most significant current worldwide water issues:...»

  • Water and Terrorism

    The importance of freshwater and water infrastructure to human and ecosystem health and to the smooth functioning of a commercial and industrial economy makes water and water systems targets for terrorism. The chance that...»

  • Freshwater and Foreign Policy: New Challenges

    By Peter Gleick Today, billions of people around the world lack water and sanitation services that many in ancient Greece and Rome took for granted — and the U.S. lacks any kind of coherent...»

  • The World’s Water 2004-2005

    Published: November 12, 2004 Authors: Peter Gleick, Nicholas Cain, Dana Haasz, Meena Palaniappan, Catherine Hunt, Veena Srinivasan, Marcus Moench, Gary Wolff, Christine Henges-Jeck, Michael Kiparsky Book Scrutinizes Millennium Development Goals, Bottled Water, Urban Efficiency, Groundwater,...»

  • Freshwater Resources: Managing the Risks Facing the Private Sector

    Published: August 15, 2004 Authors: Peter Gleick, Jason Morrison Growing Threat of Water Scarcity and Pollution Creates Serious Risks Businesses around the world, from beverage companies to chip manufacturers, are failing to prepare for the serious economic...»

  • Public or Private Water Management?

    Published: January 10, 2004 Authors: Gary Wolff, Meena Palaniappan Public or Private Water Management? Cutting the Gordian Knot ‘‘Public versus private’’ is not the bright line that separates efficient from inefficient management. Like Alexander...»

  • On the Need for a National Water Commission for the 21st Century

    Testimony of Dr. Peter H. Gleick1 Before the Legislative Hearing of the  Subcommittee on Water and Power  Of the Committee on Resources  United States Congress On the Need for a National Water Commission for the...»

  • Environmental Security: A Case Study of Climate Change

    Published: August 2002 Author: Elizabeth Chalecki Pages: 10 Military Faces Serious Challenges from Climate Change Presented at the 2002 Biennial Conference on Regional Security Issues The United States military and other armed forces around the world...»

  • Fire and Water: An Examination of the Technologies, Institutions, and Social Issues in Arms Control and Transboundary Water-Resources Agreements

    Published: June 20, 2002 Authors: Elizabeth Chalecki, Peter Gleick, Kelli Larson, Arian Pregenzer, Aaron Wolf Pages: 14 Arms Control and Water Experts Trade Tips on Creating Better Treaties Almost every major river in the...»

  • Don’t Drill the Arctic: Renewable Energy is Safer, Cleaner, More Secure

    By William C.G. Burns Editor’s note: This essay ran in The Columbus Dispatch on November 1, 2001 and in The Monterey County Herald on December 2, 2001. It was also published in several regional papers in...»

  • Threats to the World’s Freshwater Resources

    Published: November 10, 2001 Authors: Peter Gleick, A. Singh, H. Shi Pages: 64 As we move into the 21st century, water managers and policymakers must face new threats to the world’s freshwater resources. These...»

  • A New Vigilance: Identifying and Reducing the Risks of Environmental Terrorism

    Published: September 26, 2001 Author: Elizabeth Chalecki Pages: 19 A Message from Peter H. Gleick, President The Pacific Institute was created to explore the growing links between environmental issues, economic development, and international security....»

  • The Human Right to Water

    Published: April 1999 Author: Peter Gleick Pages: 15 Abstract More than a billion people in the developing world lack safe drinking water – an amenity those in the developed world take for granted. Nearly three...»

  • The World’s Water: 1998-1999

    Published: September 1, 1998 Author: Peter Gleick The first volume of The World’s Water (1998-1999) includes chapters on the changing global paradigm for water management and use, the environmental implications of large dams, possible...»

  • International Security: Water and Conflict

    Water and Conflict: Fresh Water Resources and International Security Published: June 10, 1993 Author: Peter Gleick Fresh water is a fundamental resource, integral to all ecological and societal activities, including food and energy production,...»