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Peak Water

  • Impacts of California’s Ongoing Drought: Agriculture

    California’s agriculture sector has exceeded expectations during the most severe drought in recorded history at the cost of massive but unsustainable groundwater pumping. Continued groundwater overdraft, while reducing the economic impacts of the drought...»

  • Another View: Busting Water Conservation Myths

    As a solution for California’s complex water challenges, conserving water to get more from every drop stands out for its great potential and the misconceptions around it. A recent op-ed column, “Putting two myths about...»

  • The Untapped Potential of California’s Water Supply

    California could be saving up to 14 million acre-feet of untapped water – providing more than the amount of water used in all of California’s cities in one year – with an aggressive statewide...»

  • California Drought Website

    The Pacific Institute has launched the website This compiling of tools, research, and information on the California drought serves as an invaluable resource to facilitate the work at every level to address current...»

  • A Twenty-First Century U.S. Water Policy

    In the new book A Twenty-First Century U.S. Water Policy, published by Oxford University Press, Pacific Institute researchers present clear and readable analysis and recommendations for a new federal water policy to confront our...»

  • California’s Next Million Acre-Feet: Saving Water, Energy, and Money

    A new analysis from the Pacific Institute recommends specific actions that can annually save a million acre-feet of water quickly and at a lower economic and ecological cost than developing new supplies. The assessment...»

  • Truth Drought: California’s Real Shortfall

    Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar came to California on Sunday to hear firsthand about California's drought. Unfortunately, some of what he heard was misleading or false. Certainly farms and farmers are suffering, so...»

  • The World’s Water: 2008-2009

    The much anticipated sixth volume in this highly regarded series, The World’s Water 2008-2009, is now available. Pacific Institute President and series editor Peter Gleick, with Institute coauthors Heather Cooley, Michael Cohen, Mari Morikawa,...»

  • Time to Tap into Water-Wise Farmers’ Well of Ideas

    Water supply constraints have reduced the amount of water available for California this year, causing economic losses and midseason fallowing for many farmers. Independent of what we might want, it is very likely that...»

  • Hidden Oasis: Water Conservation and Efficiency in Las Vegas

    Two of the West’s preeminent water organizations report Las Vegas Valley is sitting on an oasis of water and money savings. In their new report, the Pacific Institute and Western Resource Advocates find up...»

  • California Water 2030: An Efficient Future

    Published: September 15, 2005 Authors: Peter Gleick, Heather Cooley, David Groves Pages: 48 Pacific Institute Proposal Will Improve Efficiency, Protect Environment, Ensure Economic Growth California can cut its wasteful use of water by 20 percent in...»

  • Investing In Clean Agriculture: How California Can Strengthen Agriculture, Reduce Pollution And Save Money

    Published: February 8, 2005 Author: Gary Wolff Pages: 28 Innovative Mill Fee Proposal Could Bring $60 Million to Farmers, Save State Money Global competition, suburban encroachment, tighter regulations, and rising input costs are making...»

  • Fire and Water: An Examination of the Technologies, Institutions, and Social Issues in Arms Control and Transboundary Water-Resources Agreements

    Published: June 20, 2002 Authors: Elizabeth Chalecki, Peter Gleick, Kelli Larson, Arian Pregenzer, Aaron Wolf Pages: 14 Arms Control and Water Experts Trade Tips on Creating Better Treaties Almost every major river in the...»

  • Threats to the World’s Freshwater Resources

    Published: November 10, 2001 Authors: Peter Gleick, A. Singh, H. Shi Pages: 64 As we move into the 21st century, water managers and policymakers must face new threats to the world’s freshwater resources. These...»

  • The Cadiz Valley Groundwater Storage Project

    The Cadiz Valley Groundwater Storage Project or “Dry-Year Supply Project” is a private venture (owned by Cadiz, Inc.) in the Mohave Desert in San Bernardino County, California. It is proposed to serve three functions:...»

  • Sustainable Use of Water: California Water Success Stories

    Published: January 1999 Authors: Peter H. Gleick, Arlene K. Wong Introduction The intense political and legal battles that have characterized California water policy throughout the 20th century have not ended—nor are they likely to...»