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Climate Change Resilience in Developing Countries

  • Water, Security, and Conflict

    Published: August 2018 Authors: Peter Gleick and Charles Iceland Pages: 16 This issue brief summarizes the current understanding of water and security threats and their links to conflict, migration, and food insecurity. The authors...»

  • Strategies for Water Security in Developing Country Cities: Building Resilience in the Urban Water Sector

    Thousands of cities in the developing world face rising pressures on water provision due to population growth and urbanization, and climate change worsens these impacts. Coordinating the formal and informal water sectors, improving water...»

  • Climate Change and Transboundary Waters

    Global climate change will increase the risk of conflict over shared international freshwater resources. Treaties and other cross-border agreements can help reduce those risks, but existing agreements are inadequate for dealing with the impacts...»

  • After the Asian Tsunami Disaster, Water Crisis Will Remain

    By Peter H. Gleick This essay was originally printed in The San Francisco Chronicle on January 5, 2005. The tragedy that has unfolded over the past week in Asia reminds us of the power...»