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Solutions for a Thirsty Planet

Through December 31st, your donation will be doubled thanks to a $60,000 match from our generous board members.

Water sustains all life on earth, yet it is too often contaminated, fought over, and misused.

More than 2.1 billion people lack access to safe drinking water at home.

Recognizing water is a precious and vital resource, the Pacific Institute has devoted decades to leading global efforts to create equitable access to clean water for humans and ecosystems. We publish groundbreaking research and outreach, bring together diverse stakeholders to make progress on critical water issues, and catalyze global business action on water stewardship in support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

It’s time to think differently about water. With your contribution, we will actively promote innovative solutions to the world’s most critical water challenges.

Ways to Support the Pacific Institute

Make  a Donation 

We must act fast when issues arise if our impartial scientific and policy recommendations are to make a difference. Your donation will boost the swift action we need to take on the most critical water issues of our day, supporting our efforts to develop and promote the “big ideas” that influence change locally and globally.

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Legacy Circle

 You can have a deep and lasting impact by joining the Legacy Circle and making a charitable bequest. By including a gift to the Pacific Institute in your estate planning, your heirs may receive tax benefits while you strengthen your commitment to ensure the world’s water is protected for future generations and for the environment.

Become a Sustainer 

With a monthly, ongoing donation, you will provide regular and reliable funding for our work. Donations, charged monthly to your credit card, begin at $10.


If you would like more information about these opportunities, please contact Pete Stanga, Chief Operating Officer and Acting Director of Development and Communications at the Pacific Institute, at pstanga@pacinst.org or at 510-251-1600 ext. 101.

With your support, we can improve access to meet basic water needs across the globe, tackle the risks of climate change, reduce water conflicts, and move toward sustainable water management.