About Us: Community Strategies for Sustainability and Justice

The Community Strategies for Sustainability and Justice for 20 years helped overcome the common root causes to economic, environmental, and community health challenges in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. The program conducted research that advanced innovative, cross-cutting solutions that were developed by impacted residents. Through partnerships with community groups and social and environmental justice grassroots organizations, we helped strengthen their responses to issues ranging from air quality, local tax revenue, access to open space, to safe drinking water, employment opportunities for formerly incarcerated residents, and sustainable redevelopment.

In the fall of 2014, the Pacific Institute created a new internal program structure, with renewed focus on its key strengths of research and policy work in the areas of water, climate, and environmental sustainability at global, national, and regional scales. As part of the Institute’s redesign, the Community Strategies for Sustainability and Justice Program was closed as a separate program.

The Pacific Institute’s core principles of equity, sustainability, community engagement, and public outreach have been integrated directly into other programmatic activities. The Pacific Institute will continue to partner with community organizations and social and environmental justice groups by providing research and communications tools that will bolster their work. In this programmatic realignment, the Pacific Institute has expanded its research and analysis on the nexus of water and equity. For example, the Pacific Institute is partnering with social justice organizations to research the impact the severe California drought is having on vulnerable and low-income communities.   


Past Projects